A is For Adventure {A-Z of Raising Global Citizens}

Since I was little I always allowed a chance that my spouse would be someone who is not from the same country as I am. Growing up in Soviet Union we had 15 republics joined together where people looked different and spoke different languages.
Besides, I was born in the {Autonomous} Republic of Buryatia and grew up there and in Transbaikal region where we had Buryat and other minorities. My mother recalls that before we moved from Buryatia I used to speak Buryat language with our neighbours (I don’t remember a word of now!) and she was always astonished at how I was so brave and easy-going when it came to meeting people and speaking to them.
Fast forward many years, I am now raising a multicultural family. More over, we are expats in China which adds to the whole diversity idea and makes it much easier for us to raise our children as global citizens. I am forever grateful for my sense of adventure that brought me to China and allowed me to travel to some countries and to my mother who encouraged me to be out there.
For me, a sense of adventure, a love for exploration is very important when it comes to introducing the concept of global citizenship. Perhaps in some future it will be so natural for people to move all over the globe. But right now it truly does take some courage and curiosity for people to venture into another country, live there, learn the language, their culture; and, of course, try to blend in and be a part of that society.
Of course, our case is special. And there are many people who can’t or won’t move abroad for some reasons. However, it should not stop them from taking an adventure with their children and introducing the world to them. In Multicultural Kid Blogs community we have some wonderful resources that can allow parents to take an adventure around the world and explore it, showing that we are all part of one big family living in one big home called the Planet of Earth.
Here are some of these resources:
Around the World in 12 dishes – I participated in 1 season and I absolutely loved it! We went from country to country exploring some cultural elements and cuisine, often adapting it to our tastes and groceries available to us. You can join in with your children or students at any time!
Global Learning For Kids – it is a new project by MKB and it suggests exploring anything about a country chosen for the month. The choice of countries it tied up with various National and International holidays in the regions. Go on an adventure and explore the world with these series!
Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop – The monthly Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a way for bloggers to share blog posts or photos about anything related to culture, geography, language, traditions, customs, etc. So if you are searching for new ideas for teaching your children about the world, this is the place to look!
Kids On the Go – Wonderful series that introduce various sites of attractions around the world and what to do with children in various cities around the world!
A-Z of Raising Global Citizens – learn about different ideas and concepts tied up to the words and letters of the alphabet which help raising global citizens!
Here are some other resources that will help your adventure and explorations:
– National Geographic documentaries and other similar documentaries on geography and cultures
– Maps of the world and globes (you can find tons of printables online)
– Fiction and non-fiction books for children about different races and cultures
– Crafts (celebrating holidays around the world)
– Learning foreign languages or getting accustomed with them
You can add to the list! Go on adventure with your children, learn about the world and give them more chances to become true global citizens! 
Global mini
In these Series 24 bloggers of Multicultural Kid Blogs Community got together to share ideas and tips on Raising Global Citizens. Follow us from June 1st to June 26th as we share a letter of the alphabet and an idea associated with it over at Raising Global Citizen Series page!
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  1. Love this series, and agree that a sense of adventure is a huge asset, wherever you live! You can travel the world but never really explore (just stick to what is familiar), or on the other hand you may not be able to travel but you can still meet people and experience cultures from all parts of the world! It’s all about having that curiosity and desire to explore. Wonderful resources!
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