A Simple Glitter Hand Print Card Tutorial Plus Ayyam-i-Ha Giveaway!

Ayyam-i-ha giveaway

This is the time of the year when are in an anticipation of upcoming Ayyam-i-Ha and we have been preparing for a card exchange with our friends around the world!

Girls love making cards each year. In the past we have participated in Nawruz exchange and made and sent out several beautiful cards.

Today I will share a very simply tutorial with you – Glitter Hand Print Card.

You will need:

A piece of construction paper

A pencil

Craft glue



Clear construction paper



1. Fold your paper into half.

2. On the outer side sign your paper with a general Ayyam-i-Ha or any kind of greeting (e.g Happy Ayyam-i-Ha, Best wishes for Ayyam-i-Ha etc)


3. On the inside, use one side to trace your child’s hand print. You can turn it into a flower as we did and draw a butterfly or two on top. Of you can leave it as it is.

4. Apply craft glue generously inside the print and inside any other pictures you drew, but not too much as it may make the paper too damp.


5. Use glitter and a brush to spread it on the glue. Let your child’s imagination fly free! You might end up with a lot of glitter mess, but unless you have a crawling infant or a pet that can inhale or lick the glitter, you will be fine after wiping it down with wet wipes or a damp cloth (I know we have to do it several times and then run a dry cloth or paper towel over).

6. Place a piece of construction paper over your child’s work to secure glitter – your card is now ready to be sent and won’t into a glitter explosion when it arrives and the envelop is opened!

And now, onto the next fun event that me and Leanna of All Done Monkey are happy to present to you!


Once again we pair up with All Done Monkey to bring you an exciting Worldwide Ayyam-i-Ha Giveaway!

We are so pleased to be able to offer you 3 fabulous prize packages – each including a copy of our book!

Simply enter below for a chance to win!  And you can stay tuned for our updates on our Children’s Book Facebook page!

For more Ayyám-i-Há fun, be sure to check out the Ayyám-i-Há Fun Book we wrote together, as well as Leanna’s Ayyám-i-Há Gift Guide!

(Prizes are available worldwide, unless specified otherwise!)

Grand Prize 1

Our Ayyám-i-Há Fun Book

Elika Mahony’s Digital Albums: Glimmerings and Infinite Bounty

US$40 Gift Certificate from Happy Heart Kid

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Ayyam-i-Ha Garland from Delightful Design, LLC

Art Print from Sophia Wood

1 prize

Our Ayyám-i-Há Fun Book

Elika Mahony’s Digital Album: Birds of Love

US$15 Gift Certificate from Honey’s QuillingHoney’s Hive: may be used for Zibbet shop

1 Kindle book  from Sophia Wood

2 prize

Our Ayyám-i-Há Fun Book

Elika Mahony’s Digital Album: Fire and Gold

Baha’i Themed Wrapping Paper from 18 Letter Press

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