A-Z of Raising Global Citizens


I am very thrilled to launch the A-Z of Raising Global Citizens Series!

From June 1st to June 26th a number of bloggers from Multicultural Kid Blogs Community will post a letter of the alphabet and a word associated with it to explain a concept, an idea or a method of introducing globalization to our children and raising them as global citizens – respectful of our Earth as one country and people its citizens.

From June 1st to June 26th I will be linking the posts which the bloggers will be publishing on their posts. Join us and follow us in this exciting journey and give the bloggers some love by visiting their blogs and Facebook pages!

A-Z of Raising Global Citizens

June 1st: A is for Adventure (Creative World of Varya)

June 2nd: B is for Books (Bilingual Avenue)

June 3rd: C is for Combining Culture (The European Mama)

June 4th: D is for Directions (Melibelle in Tokyo)

June 5th: E is for Environment (Smart Tinker)

June 6th: F is for Family (Good to Be Mom)

June 7th: G is for Games (Marie’s Pastiche)

June 8th: H is for Humility (Third Culture Mama)

June 9th: I is for Instruments (Tiny Tapping Toes)

June 10th: J is for Joy  (All Done Monkey)

June 11th: K is for Kindness (Russian Step by Step Children)

June 12th: L is for Language (Multilingual Parenting)

M is for Maps (In the Playroom)

N is for Nurture (Ru de Belvedere)

O is for Opportunity (Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes)

P is for Playground (La Cite de Vents)

Q is for Questions (Multilingual Parenting)

R is for Religion (Faith Seeker Kids)

S is for Sports (World Languages)

T is for Travel (The Piri-piri Lexicon)

U is for Union Languages (Crazy Little Family Adventure)

V is for Vitality (Healthy Child, Global Mind)

W is for World (Mama Smiles)

X is for Xenophobia (The Art Curator for Kids)

Y is for You (Words n Needles)

Z is for Zest (Multicultural Kitchen)


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