Abstract painting

I think the first abstractionist ever was a child. Really. Abstract painting is just so natural for children – they splash the paint on the paper and mix it up, smudging and creating the most beautiful paintings. These paintings are in fact the most precious and the ones that are fast-forgotten: the mass-production is so overwhelming that it is hard to keep up with everything!
I tried keeping “the best”, but to me they are all the best and equally beautiful! As my daughter grows these paintings take different shapes and there is a story to them too.

I find abstract painting very interesting and engaging. It is also usually self-initiated and requires minimum intervention.

Here are some ideas for abstract play:

1. Finger painting. Experiment with different types of finger paint. You can find lots of recipes online (check Our Blogger Friends for some blogs references). It’s also a great way to introduce sensory play.

2. Paint brushes. Get a bunch of different sizes and width. Start introducing from thicker to thinner. This also helps with fine motor skills development.

3. Sponges. You can get regular dishwashing sponges, cut them up or use whole. Some companies make special sponges in different shapes with handles.

4. Tooth brushes. A great way to recycle your old tooth brushes!

5. Cotton and cotton buds (also known as q-tips). 

6. Pieces of cloth. Dipping cloth in paint and smudging on paper? It’s a dream come true!

7. Straws. The well-known blow-paint activity where you put a blob of paint on paper and blow on it gently through a straw. 

As you can see, abstract painting has so many ways. You have probably done it already with your little one but didn’t know that was it!

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8 thoughts on “Abstract painting

  1. Children do make wonderful abstract artists, and I love all the tips you shared here of ways they can create art from a very young age!

  2. These are great ideas! Annabelle just found a couple of old toothbrushes that I use for cleaning and was very interested in them. I can only imagine how excited she’ll be if I offer them to her with some paint!

    • Thank you! I am sure she’ll enjoy playing with the toothbrushes. My daughter can use just about anything. I also didn’t mention it in the post, but cars, trucks, blocks, beads – whatever you can easily wash and are not afraid to get in paint – will also do well!

  3. Lots of great ideas for painting 🙂 I should get the finger paints out again soon. We haven’t tried straw painting-we’ll have to try it outside when the weather warms up! And you’re right, every picture tells a story.

  4. what I find really funny here is that even as an adult I loved to do finger painting from time to time haha While it can be a lot of fun, it is not necessarily the kind of art you want to hang in your living room though 😛

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