Autumn Herbarium and Kids Co-Op

Welcome to weekly Kids Co-Op!
This week I am reintroducing herbarium activity to you. 


Autumn is great for this activity especially because it helps preserving the memories of warm seadons during cold seasons and the materials that are gathered are not freshly picked but tge fallen on the ground leaves, dry weeds and flowers.
This time we made it a bit differently: first, we applied glue with glue stick all over the paper. Then, we placed the material on the sheets of white paper, gently pressing them into the glue. We also ran the glue sticks over the weeds. Most of them didn’t stick as the leaves per se were quite dry. But it was fine as you would see later. Then we sprinkled some glitter on top. It gave a beautiful almost mystic shine to the dry material. After that I took transparent contact paper and stuck on top, having the girls press it tight against the herbarium. I secured the ends on the other side of the paper with scotch tape.

This is the final result:



What Autumn activities do you make with your children?


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4 thoughts on “Autumn Herbarium and Kids Co-Op

    • I know all about bringing back the memories!!! I was looking for a better word but leaf preservation sounded not quite right. And yes, this is all from my school and kindergarten memories. Did you also do totn paper art?

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