Creative Tuesday: Avoiding Candy On Halloween

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Today’s Creative Tuesday I dedicate to Halloween and Halloween treats. I know a lot of parents are getting more and more concerned about sugar rush during this holiday and hope to find some nice substitutes that won’t disappoint their children.

I will be honest straight away: we don’t really celebrate Halloween and only do some activities for it as we work with children whose families are interested in this holiday.

So, first comes first: Strategies. How to ensure that your children don’t get too much or not candy at all during Halloween?

1. At school and before any trick-or-treating, discuss with adults who are distributing treats about your preferences.

2. Prepare your own treats which you can give to neighbours and school to be given to your child. They can be packed in small colorful DIY bags.

3. Talk to your child about it, especially if your child (like ours) was advised to minimize sugar intake. Explain that you want to make this celebration special and perhaps even ask an opinion as to what would be a nice treat for your child to receive on Halloween instead of candy.

Now, some ideas on no-candy Halloween treats:

Non-edible treat ideas from Mommy Poppins

10 Trick or No Treating Ideas from How Does She

20 Ways to do Halloween without Candy from 100 Days of Real Food

Healthy Halloween Treats from The Gypsy Dietitian

20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats from Musings of a Housewife

Here are few Pinterest Boards for Healthy Halloween Treats I found interesting:

Shrinking Kitchen 

Nut free Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats for Kids with Allergies

Gluten free Halloween Treats

I am sure there are many more that you can find over on various blogs and sites.
I wish you all a very Happy Halloween and hope you stay healthy!

If you have a Pinterest Board or a collection of blog posts on this subject, please leave a comment for others to see!

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6 thoughts on “Creative Tuesday: Avoiding Candy On Halloween

    • I think it is a great substitute!!! We don’t have Halloween trick-or-treating here but if did – playdough, stickers and healthy snacks would be our choice!

    • Thank you for sharing, Barb!! I think your bags were really exciting! My 5 year old would take rings, crayons and erasers over candy any time!

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