Baby Care Series: Baby Reflexology


To commemorate the passing year I would like my last post of 2014 to be dedicated to helping your baby unwind and relax.
So here are few tips from reflexology area you can try on your baby, toddler, prwaxhooler, older child and on yourselves: mini- foot massage.

The following tips won’t affect yours or baby’s health negatively if you apply proper amount of pressure. That is for for an infant up to 6 years old the pressure should be as hard as you would press your eye ball before it starts hurting. For older children and adults you can adjust the pressure by asking them what they are confortavle with.

Stroke 1:
Foot rubs. Just as in picture above, place your baby’s foot in your hand and place the thumb in the middle of the sole. Start stroking from big toe down to the heel. For infants 5-6 strokes are stimulating enough. However with all my 3 children (6 y.o, 2.5 y.o and 6 months old) before bed time I continue stroking until they pull the foot away or fall asleep. This particular technique is very helpful for sore feet and in the times when your child is restless or unwell – the stroke helps unwinding and relaxing.

Stroke 2:
Toe “pinches”. Place the foot in the hand the same way as you would for Stroke 1. With another hand start gently but firmly pressing on the toes as you would when telling “This little piggy went to market” rhyme.
Variation: you can sit your child on your lap, back resting against you and reserve the foot hold. Some children unwind better this way.

Stroke 3:
Joint “squeeze”. Let the child lie down or sit as described above and then gently grab and squeeze his feet, ankles and all the way up to his knees. At the knee point cover the knee with your palm and squeeze several times gently but firmly and then move back down to the foot. Repeat 3-4 times or until the child gives you a sign or tells that it is enough.

What do these 3 strokes do? By stimulating the skin and pressure points you help the child to unwind and relax. These strokes, especially the first one, are very effective when helping the the child settle for a nap or the night. You can also do these strokes while nursing your child – they usually don’t bother them so much.

On this note I’m wishing you a very happy year ahead! May 2015 bring you and your families joy and health!

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