Baby Care Series: Cradle Cap Remedy

Tessa Alyssa Varya Sarmad July 20121

Having all the skills I have is very handy for me as a parent and as a teacher.
I introduce to you Baby Care Series – a number of posts I dedicate to caring for the baby at home and using handy, easy and relatively cheap materials to make your life and the life of your child easier.

I am not one of those cool Natural Moms – I don’t use cloth diapers and I don’t cook organic. However, I try making my own baby food and even own toys for my children. I also study Aromatherapy, make oil blends and made my own soap before miss A was born.

Today I want to tell you how I helped my infant to get rid of the cradle cap.

My younger daughter had a horrible cradle cap – the crust was so thick and if I tried doing the usual (oiling and combing) she would get upset and her skin would become very red and irritated.

Someone reminded me about the wonders of Coconut Oil, though alone it didn’t work. I did some research on what else I could add to the Coconut Oil and after a lot of consideration I created the following mix for her:

2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil and 1 drop (JUST ONE!) of Tea Tree oil.

I started applying it every day and washed her head every other day for nearly 2 weeks. When I gave her bath I shampooed/soaped her head and gently massaged with the soft brush. After her hair dried, I would apply the oil mix again and brush again with the brush. Already on the 4th day I noticed great difference and in less than 2 weeks it was all gone.

You are welcome to try this mix on your baby. Just remember that Tea Tree Oil is quite toxic, so you should use a very small amount of the mix and make sure it doesn’t get in baby’s eyes or mouth.

This mix also works if you have an adult cradle cap. In that case you can increase the number of Tea Tree Oil drop to 5 per table spoon of carrier oil (I still think Coconut Oil is the best in this case!).

Stay healthy and share your Cradle Cap recipes with me!

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