Babywearing: how we do it

Before my first daughter was born I barely knew what a sling or a baby carrier was. I’ve never seen them in my life before I moved to China. I grew up seeing only strollers around and never thought of wearing a baby!

When our first daughter was born, we were given a simple carrier. It wasn’t comfortable (later I understood why!) and to be honest our daughter didn’t enjoy being in it as much. We still alternated between that carrier and a stroller and it kept us all happy and content.

Even Daddy enjoyed wearing the baby!

Fast forward to our second pregnancy. I was now more educated on the whole babywearing science. I knew how the sling was supposed to be designed to support both mommy (daddy) and baby; the position the baby had to be in order to ensure healthy physical development; and many other things. 

First three months of our second daughter’s life she slept in the carrier. She loved it. I loved it. Babywearing for us is a way to spend more quality time together and bond.


I loved the experience: I had my hands free to do things around the house, cook, eat; I could spend more time with the older daughter while the baby was napping, go shopping, go outside. Once the baby became a bit older and more alert, she loved peeping out of the carrier and looking around.

We still alternated and alternate the sling and the stroller and it keeps us all happy! My older daughter attempted to put the sling on herself and asked to carry the baby. She takes scarves and asks to tie her dollies on her. 

I have read a lot of information on attachment parenting, babywearing, traditional parenting and what not. My opinion? Choose what is best for you and the baby, what will truly make you and the baby happy. You don’t need to follow the trends or allow yourself to be influenced by any opinions. Do your research, read, try different things. Keep your mind open – there is nothing that works 100% the same for different babies. Each baby and each family is unique. Use this uniqueness and remember that whatever you do will later have an impact on your child and your child’s children. 

If you are new to babywearing, there are many resources available online. You can even make your own carrier!

Here are some of references for you:

How to Make a Mei Tai Carrier from Blissfully Domestic

Babywearing 101  from Mama Smiles

Babywearing sewing and safety from Babywearing Institute

Various baby carrier tutorials from Jan Andrea

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2 thoughts on “Babywearing: how we do it

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I had a small carrier for our son that was handed down from my sister. Then later we invested in a big long wrap that both my husband and I could wear, and it was so handy for going through airports! It was a bit cumbersome, however, so my mom was great and made a ring sling for us when my daughter was born, and we also had use of a pouch sling. For the first 6 months this is all I used while my son was in a stroller. I haven’t used it in quite a while, but may get it out again. Mom also made a small matching one for using with the dolls and both my children have enjoyed that. Babywearing is becoming more common in Northern Ireland, which is nice to see 🙂 Enjoy!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed babywearing as much as I did. Isn’t it great when family doesn’t only support but helps with making slings?

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