A Simple Glitter Hand Print Card Tutorial Plus Ayyam-i-Ha Giveaway!

Ayyam-i-ha giveaway

This is the time of the year when are in an anticipation of upcoming Ayyam-i-Ha and we have been preparing for a card exchange with our friends around the world!

Girls love making cards each year. In the past we have participated in Nawruz exchange and made and sent out several beautiful cards.

Today I will share a very simply tutorial with you – Glitter Hand Print Card.

You will need:

A piece of construction paper

A pencil

Craft glue



Clear construction paper



1. Fold your paper into half.

2. On the outer side sign your paper with a general Ayyam-i-Ha or any kind of greeting (e.g Happy Ayyam-i-Ha, Best wishes for Ayyam-i-Ha etc)


3. On the inside, use one side to trace your child’s hand print. You can turn it into a flower as we did and draw a butterfly or two on top. Of you can leave it as it is.

4. Apply craft glue generously inside the print and inside any other pictures you drew, but not too much as it may make the paper too damp.


5. Use glitter and a brush to spread it on the glue. Let your child’s imagination fly free! You might end up with a lot of glitter mess, but unless you have a crawling infant or a pet that can inhale or lick the glitter, you will be fine after wiping it down with wet wipes or a damp cloth (I know we have to do it several times and then run a dry cloth or paper towel over).

6. Place a piece of construction paper over your child’s work to secure glitter – your card is now ready to be sent and won’t into a glitter explosion when it arrives and the envelop is opened!

And now, onto the next fun event that me and Leanna of All Done Monkey are happy to present to you!


Once again we pair up with All Done Monkey to bring you an exciting Worldwide Ayyam-i-Ha Giveaway!

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For more Ayyám-i-Há fun, be sure to check out the Ayyám-i-Há Fun Book we wrote together, as well as Leanna’s Ayyám-i-Há Gift Guide!

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ABC Cards Games For Tots


Today is the second day of Fun Ways of Playing with ABC’s hosted by Something 2 Offer.

Today we are sharing about storebrought items that we can utilise and my category is tots!

I will introduce a few games that can be played with tots with ABC cards. They are simple and engaging and help developing fine and gross motor skills and language. These games are also great when emphasising a minority or a second/ third language.


Note: go very slow with tots. Use not more than 1 or 2 cards at a time.
Avoid baby language – tots need to hear to say words clearly. You can emphasize your articulation and repeat your requests and letters several times.

“Pick Up the Card”


Place a card on the floor and ask your tot to pick it up. E.g. “Pick up R for me please!” Praise and repeat!

“Give Me the Card”


Ask your tot to give the card to you: ” Please give me R!” Praise and repeat.

“Where Is the Card?”
Show the letter card to your tot and then hide it behind your back and ask: “Where is R?” Look around with your tot, flash the end of the card from behind your back – encourage him to look for it.
Note: tots might be reluctant to give the card back to you. Give them time to play with the card, don’t push it.

“Swat the Card”
Using a sweater or a soft stick, ask the tot to swat the card: “Swat R!” Encourage and praise.

These are very simple games that any tot at any stage would like. Once they are able to repeat them, encourage them to say the letter with you!

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Chinese New Year Card

CNY title
Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year) is celebrated in many countries of the world. So this year some members of KBN decided to create a blog hop to commemorate this wonderful festival.
The year 2015 is the year of the Sheep (Goat or Ram). So in order to relate to this particular year, I have created an activity I made with children in my ESL classes: Chinese New Year Card. It is a simple and fun activity, aimed at children from the age of 3+ to 8 years old. You can use this activity to celebrate any Chinese Zodiac Animal.
If you want to know which Chinese Zodiac Animal falls on a certain year, check this article from Wikipedia.
I also like this video from DreamEnglish.Com that teaches children about Chinese Zodiac Signs:
So, let’s make the card! It has 2 sides: 1 side is an ornament made by weaving method; another side has a Chinese character for Sheep:
The picture is the courtesy of Han Trainer Pro
Materials needed:


Construction paper – 2 pieces of different sizes (I used a quarter of A3 paper for the card and 1/8 of A3 paper for the ornament)
Stripes made of softer paper (I had a kind of crepe paper, but slightly thicker, which I cut into 5 stripes for the ornament of one color; and stripes that will be used to make the character representing the world “sheep” or “goat”)
1. Fold the smaller piece in half, then fold the top where the opening is a bit. Cut 5-6 times until that fold (so the cuts remain within the paper but you don’t cut off the pieces).
2. Open the paper and take the stripes you made for weaving and start weaving. I taught the children words “over” and “under” in order to introduce the weaving technique. You should get this result:


3. Now, use some glue and stick the pattern in the middle of the bigger piece of construction paper, like this:



4. Let’s turn the bigger piece around and create the character by sticking the pieces you made for it onto the surface. It will look somewhat like this:


Note: younger children will need a lot of help with both weaving and character making!
5. You can give the card to your friends, family members or teachers. You can also add a string and hang the card up!
We are looking forward to Chinese New Year as my husband and my daughter get 2 weeks off for it!
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Creative Tuesday: Yet Another Paper Flower

I’ll admit it: I LOVE flowers. However, I can’t have most of them in the house due to my pollen allergies. And especially flower pots. So I admire them from afar and… I craft them.

for blog19

Today’s Creative Tuesday is about yet another flower we made with my last year’s toddler play group. It is super easy and helps develop fine motor skills, review colors and shapes.
What you need:
Few circles of different colors
A stem – simply cut one from green paper
2 leaves – any shape, cut out from green paper
A white sheet of paper, or – my favorite – upcycled paper
(in fact, making the whole thing from upcycled paper would be even more fun!)
How to make it:
First, glue the stem and the leaves on the paper.

for blog20

Then, let the children fold the circles into halves.
Apply glue on just one side of each circle and arrange them above the stem in semi-circle.

for blog21

Voilà! Your flower is ready!
You can either just use it to decorate the wall or even use it as a cover for a birthday card.

Creative Tuesday: Birthday Cards

Today Creative Tuesday is about some ideas on DIY Birthday Cards. We actually stopped buying birthday cards and make our own for all our friends. Another reason for that of course that most of the cards here are in Chinese and I can’t read it. So we create!
What you need:
A piece of any type of paper
Markers or crayons
How to make it:
Fold the paper. CREATE!
Almost every month children at my daughter’s kindergarten class have birthdays (there are 38 children after all!). So the parents are notified about these events and asked to help their child to make or buy and sign a card or give a small gift if willing. Miss T loves making her cards and sometimes she just makes them and gives to her teachers and classmates.
I would take a home-made card any day instead of a store-bought one!
What do you do for birthday cards?

Kids Co-Op and DIY Cards

Last year, we created some wonderful cards to give to friends for Nawruz – Baha’i New Year. I have never described the process so I decided with the 2 upcoming Baha’i HolidaysBirthdays of The Bab and Baha’u’llah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year. This would be a nice personalized way of greeting people.

for blog13

The process is very very simple – we use finger painting here, choose the pattern and then let our imagination flow.

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