5 tips to Bring Easter Spirit to China

‘Tis the season when some people around the world celebrate Eastern. If you are in China, you may or may not feel its spirit, so here are 5 tips on how to bring Easter Spirit to China and enjoy this special holiday.

1. Head to Taobao.com and input “Easter” into the search – you’ll be amazed at how many things you will find!

2. Stock up on seasonal chocolate – most of the stores, especially the ones selling imported things, will have chocolate eggs and bunny shaped eggs. By the way, those, along with Christmas candy, can be found year long in some stores.

3. There are tons of craft related to Easter that you can use to make. For example, check out my Easter Egg and Easter Bunny crafts.

4. Easter Egg hunt is always a hit among expats and local friends alike! Along with making and decorating Paska bread and dyeing eggs. It is amazing how much you fun you can have while doing it all!

5. Prepare an Easter feast or organise a potluck with your friends – all the same fun and friendly atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

Easter is a commercial holiday in China and while it is not a public holiday, it is celebrated by some. Friends get together, some people go to church for a service on that day. Some malls have decorations in a form of big figurines of eggs, bunnies and chicks.

Most of kindergartens that offer foreign teacher classes put Easter theme in their curriculum and the whole week leading to it there are crafts, book reading, egg painting, and games going on. For example, my blogger friend Becky of Badmintonbecky.com makes Bunny Masks with her students.

With a little of effort, research, and creativity you can have yourself a beautiful and joyful Easter celebration in China!

If you live abroad, how do you keep Easter Spirit where you are?

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Creative Tuesday: Easter Bunny

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Welcome to Creative Tuesday! On Tuesdays I will be trying my best to post some simple craft activities for you to make with your children/students.
Easter is fast-approaching. And while we don’t really celebrate it, it is a great holiday to be creative and to make various craft. Last year I made an Easter Egg with the tots from my playgroup.
This activity was also made last year with older children (3+-4+ year old). It is quite simple and make a fun pet for kids to play with!
What you need:
TP roll (or a cardboard roll)
Cotton (5 pieces)
Bunny ears  (cut out from cereal box)
How to make it:
Simply stick 4 pieces of cotton on one side of the TP roll for paws and one at the back – for the tail.
Stick ears to the top of the TP roll.
Draw the face.
Your bunny is ready to play with!
To make it more Easter-like, make Easter eggs out of play dough and decorate them with beads or pieces of color paper (post to come!).
Do you celebrate Easter? Do you make Easter craft with your children?

Creative Tuesday: Easter Egg

Today’s Creative Tuesday is inspired by Easter!

Around various holidays parents, teachers and bloggers come up with all sorts of seasonal crafts.

I came up with a simple toddler-friendly version of Easter Egg craft which we tested and enjoyed yesterday in my tot class!

You will need:

Egg shape cut out of paper

Contact paper

Decorating ribbon

Double-sided tape

Various small beans (they could be small beads too)

How to do it:

1. Trace and cut out identical egg shapes from contact paper.

2. Peel the paper off one egg shape.

3. Have children spread beans on the sticky part.

4. Peel the paper off the second egg and stick it on top of the first one. Let the child press and secure the edges.

5. Stick double sided tape on the ribbon.

6. Peel the paper off the tape and stick the ribbon around the largest part of the egg.

It is ready!

You can stick a piece of thread to it and hand it somewhere as a decoration.

What are some Easter crafts did you make with your children? Share with me, I’d love to read about it!

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