Riz Bi Haleeb: Lebanese Rice Pudding

It is a great opportunity to publish the last post of 2017 on a happy note! You know I like making things for children and with children, and I have published over the years some nice recipes.

I was going over my posts and drafts and realized I had one that never got published due to some strange glitches. It was supposed to be a part of Christmas in Different Lands 2016  – the annual series hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs. So since it never made it, you can learn now how to make Riz Bi Haleeb – Lebanese Rice Pudding, – and have a nice dessert for your New Year’s Eve party/dinner! And check out at the end all the posts that were shared in the series this year!

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2018! May your families be blessed and safe!


Christmas is a huge holiday in Lebanon, where the Christian population is big enough, and  the country is heavily influence by Europe.

One of the traditional Christmas desserts served in Lebanon is Meghali – rice flour, cardamom and anis pudding. I hope to try making it one day. But for today I would like to share with you a different dessert, an even simpler version of which my mother-in-law used to make during the period the Baha’i Fasting month. It is called Riz Bi Haleeb (Rice in Milk. Or Milk Rice).


1 cup of cooked rice

2 cups of milk

2-3 T of sugar

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Nuts for decoration (optional)


Mix 1,5 cups of milk in a pot with sugar. Add rice. Put on low fire and keep stirring.  When the milk is almost evaporated, add vanilla and the remaining milk. Cook for some time until the rice is completely soft and mushy.

Place the pudding in small bowls and decorate with nuts. Serve warm.

This pudding makes a very quick dessert for any occasion and would be a great addition to your Christmas table, too!

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ABC Cookies For All Seasons


This is the 3rd post in Fun Ways to Play with ABC’s – Seasonal ABC’s – hosted by Something 2 Offer.

The following activity is very hands-on, easy and… Tasty! The children don’t only practice their language skills but also work on fine motor skills, hand – eye coordination, focus; develop their creativity and gain sensory experience (texture and taste).

You can find the recipe for Sugar Cookies here.

The idea is very simple: make the dough, roll it, let the children make letters out of the dough, bake them and eat them!


Be prepared for the letters to be absolutely imperfect and more over when the cookies are baking, the expand all sorts of ways! But it is still fun!


You can choose to decorate the cookies with simple icing for special occasions, like, Christmas, Ayyam-i-Ha and other holidays.


Please stop by the Sensory ABC’s landing page for more ideas!

Twilight Sparkle Dough


Welcome back to 12 Months of Sensory Dough! This month we are all about Sparkle Dough!

My girls are obsessed with My Little Pony show. We even had a theme birthday party for miss T last year

When I was thinking what kind of sparkle dough to make, the name of the character Twilight Sparkle kept popping in my head. So I decided making a Twilight Sparkle Dough would be a great invitation for my girls to play.


Any kind of cloud dough
Ours was with 4 cuos of white flour
And almost 1 cup of sunflower oil
Purple and pink food dyes
A basin
My Little Pony figurines
Duplo cupcake pieces

We first made the dough and I let the girls mix it first with spoons and then with hands. Twilight Sparkle is mainly purple with some pink highlights. So we mixed in glitter, then purple dye, then pink dye. The dough had bits of both colors.




I let the girls play with it and the ponies. But the forgot all about those and just explored the soft yet grainy texture of the dough and looked at the glitter shining in the light.


Cloud dough is quite messy so we took the play to the balcony and finally they had it all over them, so baths were in order!

They had tons of fun!

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Cooking Series: Perfect Tadig


I love Middle Eastern food. However, it is quite time consuming to make and with my picky eater I rarely dare to experiment much.

Persian rice has been happily accepted in our family so I often make it as I can sneak in some butter and potatoes which are rarely welcomed by miss T
I wanted to share with you a recipe of Persian rice with crunchy rice or potato tadig that worked for me from first trial.

Before that I attempted making it but whatever recipes I found just would work because I could never understand when to drain the rice so it is not overcooked.
Continue reading »

Around the World In 12 Dishes: New Zealand Pikelets

I am happy to be back with Around the World in 12 Dishes post from last month when we travelled to Egypt! Around the World in 12 Dishes : season 2 was originally created by Glittering Muffins and there are total of 13 blogs participating in this project. The idea is to “visit” 1 country a month (12 countries in a year) by exploring the cooking culture and craft. We all cook 1 (or more) dish with our children and some of us make crafts.


This month we are travelling to the grasslands of New Zealand! I have few friends residing there and they love that small but beautiful country. And what is more exciting – I am on time with posting the recipe! Yay!

As usually, I’ve been scratching my head as to what from New Zealand cuisine I can adapt to my picky eaters. And… I found something that both of my girls absolutely LOVE – Pikelets (follow the link to see the original recipe from Food.Com), or in other words, mini-pancakes. The recipe is exactly the one I’ve been using for so many years, though I add a bit of vegetable oil into the recipe instead of butter and I don’t use anything else to fry on (just a non-stick frying pan).

To make sure the ingredients mix well and the batter is smooth I use my blender.


And to improvise I fried the pikelets in different shapes.



My little one was such a goof – she was so happy to try the pancakes/pikelets.


Since we had the pikelets for dinner, I replaced the usual drink to go with it – tea – with pear compote (as you can see in the first picture). It is very very simple to make.

Pear and/or Apple Compote

You will need:

3-4 pears

Medium size pot

Sugar to taste

(depends whether you like it sweeter or less sweet)


How to make it:

Wash the pears/apple, cut in pieces, take the middle out. Place in enough water to cover them and add sugar. Put the pot on fire. Once it start boiling, lower the fire and simmer for about 30-40 minutes. It is ready to serve! We like to drink it cool but warm pear compote apparently helps with cough (as per our Chinese paediatrician and yes, it helped my little ones!) as well as cooked/steamed pears.

You know, I really enjoy participating in this project as it gives me an opportunity to reassure myself once again that the world is but one country – nearly every cuisine I tried so far has something that I can relate to. Isn’t it just amazing?

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