D is for Diamonds

D is for Diamonds

As I got back into blogging full force, I have immediately started taking part in many exciting projects.

Today I would like to introduce to you another project I am taking part in: A-Z of Busy Bags hosted by Teach Me Mommy – a fellow KBN blogger.

My letter is D and I thought it would be fun to introduce Diamonds. I am not talking about stones, of course. I am talking about a diamond shape which is often is confused with a square or a rectangle.

In my mind diamond shape always associated with how we perceive the world in our childhood: diamond does look somewhat like a square but it is not. It is shifted, moved, almost disfigured. But it is nevertheless beautiful and creative.

So, I created a series of simple printables to put in a busy bag to use a diamonds matching tool. There is one printout in color, the copy of the same printable in black and white (for coloring), and several designs made out of diamonds that also teach and help practice numbers 5 through 10.

Click on the image below to be taken to the page to download the Diamonds Matching Printable!

Diamonds matching

These printouts are suitable for children from 1+ to 8 years old. They are a great addition to any math lesson, or a simple practice at home.

I do recommend printing out several copies of the diamonds in color. And I encourage you to let your child color the shapes, as well as the designs.

If you laminate the sheets, you can use them for a very long time. However, if the lamination option is not available, you can glue the sheets to some stiff paper, such as cardboard and cover over with clear contact paper – this will preserve the sheets for a long time.

What this matching activities promotes: language development (and you can use it for practicing a minority language in your household!); hand-eye coordination; fine motor skills; counting; creativity.

a-z busy bags

Follow us in the next couple of weeks to see what other bloggers have come up with! And don’t forget to stop by my blog around March 21st to see what I have come up for the letter U!

ABC Cookies For All Seasons


This is the 3rd post in Fun Ways to Play with ABC’s – Seasonal ABC’s – hosted by Something 2 Offer.

The following activity is very hands-on, easy and… Tasty! The children don’t only practice their language skills but also work on fine motor skills, hand – eye coordination, focus; develop their creativity and gain sensory experience (texture and taste).

You can find the recipe for Sugar Cookies here.

The idea is very simple: make the dough, roll it, let the children make letters out of the dough, bake them and eat them!


Be prepared for the letters to be absolutely imperfect and more over when the cookies are baking, the expand all sorts of ways! But it is still fun!


You can choose to decorate the cookies with simple icing for special occasions, like, Christmas, Ayyam-i-Ha and other holidays.


Please stop by the Sensory ABC’s landing page for more ideas!