Plaited Foot Keepsake & Holder

When I was little and went over summer to visit my grandma, my favourite time pass was making plaited with lace foot/shoe holders. In the original method you must use laced ribbon and needle and a thread to stitch everything together. 

So today I want to share with you a variation of my childhood gifts that I made for everyone in the family: Plaited Foot Keepsake & Holder. 

You will need:

– cardboard or cereal box

– marker

– scissors

– gift wrapping ribbons 

– double-sided tape

– hole puncher

How to make your keepsake:

1. Trace your child’s foot on the cardboard. For older children (over 2) you can let them trace by themselves. Cut it out. 

2. Make the top for the keepsake – similar cresent shape. Cut it out. 

3. Now use double sides tape to secure few vertical pieces of ribbon across the foot. Do the same for the horizontal pieces. 

4. Now following the collage, plait them over each other. Repeat with the cresent shaped top.

5. Using double-sided tape, tape some more ribbon on the other side of the sole. 

6. To connect both parts and make a shoes, use the stapler. Or you can stitch them together, too. 

7. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top and put a thread through. 

Your keepsake is ready! And you can use it as a candy holder, too. For Christmas you can use it instead of a stocking! And it will make a lovely gift as well. 


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