Chinese New Year Math and Literacy Unit Review

Becky CNY Pack

Being a blogger means having lots of wonderful blogger friends.

I have previously introduced to you an amazing blogger friend of mine – Becky – who blogs at Kid World Citizen and shares the most amazing content on multiculturalism, multilingualism and globalization.

Today I am happy to introduce to you Becky’s TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) shop where she shared this wonderful Unit on New Year Math and Literacy.

This Unit packet is aimed at children of PreK to Grade 1 and it is so well structured – I was really sitting and adoring it for a moment from a teacher’s point of view.

This Unit is also suitable for homeschoolers – the instructions are simple and easy and anyone can follow them.

First of all, the Unit contains a great introduction to Chinese New Year – its history and traditions. It is really enough to give the children a proper introduction to this holiday and leave them interested and excited about upcoming activities.

The Unit starts with sight words related to this holiday, continues with counting, goes onto mazes and words scrambles; and ends with a fun activity on making a Chinese red envelo

I liked that the material can be easily adjusted to different age groups and levels of math and literacy. E.g. in counting part while suggested to count the blossoms by ten, for younger children it can be changed to counting blossoms by a number of branches (hence, the teacher/parent needs to just change the numbers).

And in the part of where the sight words are introduced, instead of learning to spell and memorize them, younger children can just use the first letter/phonic for recognition.

Another wonderful thing about this particular Unit is that it doesn’t really have to be used for just Chinese New Year time. It can be used throughout the year and adjusted according to one’s needs. It introduces an essence of China and will be a great hit with kids any time of the year!

Daria Music App {Review}


As I am catching up on blogging this year, I am working with some of the amazing bloggers, authors and artists!

Today I’d like to introduce you to an app that contains different music from around the world by my blogger friend and fellow MKB member – Daria of Daria’s Music!

I always liked Daria’s colorful and rich art: her DIY instruments, her sense of music, and, of course, her beautiful voice.

Her new music app combines lots of her creations that introduce folk and traditional music from around the world.

One moment you are in South America signing Bate Bate Chocolate, and another – in Arabia, singing along to Assalam Aleykum!

You can download the app over at Adroid Playstore, iTunes and on desktop computer by visiting Daria’s page on Playrific.

Enjoy the music from around the world and download this wonderful app for free! It is filled with songs, games and puzzles for you and your little one to explore!

Follow Daria’s YouTube Channel for more music!

Language4Kidz {Material Review}


As you know, I am a language teacher, and I have majored (once upon a time) in Roman Philology and teaching English and French. To be honest, I have completely “abandoned” my French and concentrated my attention on English since it was more in demand when I first started teaching and it is still in demand now.

However, throughout my expat years in China, I have met many French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speaking people and it always fascinated me how much I could understand, especially in writings, since I studied French and Latin at school and at the university.

Being a member of Multicultural Kid Blogs brings me all sorts of interesting opportunities and I have recently been given one to review language material from Language4Kidz.Com

All materials below were provided me free of charge by Language4Kidz.Com, however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

I have reviewed the following materials in Spanish on my own since they were a little complicated for my children who have no basic knowledge of Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised I could read and understand about 60-70% of the instructions without translation, granted, I never studied Spanish (thank you, my university and school French teachers, for drilling my knowledge that has helped me be more comfortable with other Latin based language!).

I liked how the lessons were structured: there were clear outlines of every part, very detailed instructions in Spanish, and, as I read later when I scrolled down, in English.

The activities and songs are interesting and they address children’s current level of Spanish.

Two songs that came with the materials – Buenos Dias! and Million de Amigos – are sung very clearly, with defined pronunciation of sounds. Actually, my 3 year old could follow them quite well!

There were 2 ebooks included – Brallaras and Que Te Gusta. Both books have excellent graphics, very inviting and, though, I didn’t understand everything, I could still read and sound the words.

The same goes for two other books in English – Can you see? and Pets all over. Those will be very useful in my ESL classes as they give a lot of room for creativity and practice of language skills.

All in all, I would like to complement Graciela, the founder of Language4Kidz, for creating such interesting curricula!

If you are looking for easy to use and well-structured materials to teach your children/students Spanish and English, I would absolutely recommend you to take a look at Language4Kidz materials!

You can follow their Facebook Page , Pinterest and YouTube Channel for updates and freebies!


Wee Tales For Wee Ones {Review + Giveaway}

Azita giveawa
I am very fortunate to have so many talented friends who are singers, writers, performers, scientists – you name it!

Disclaimer: I was given the product in exchange for  this review. However, all opinions are my own.

One of such special friends is Azita Crerar – she is a daughter of my mother-in-law’s good friend and happens to live just literally a walk over the border! She is an author, a teacher and a song-writers. You can find Azita’s full biography and work on her website – Azita Crerar.
One of Azita’s recent works is Wee Tales For Wee Ones, Volume 1 – a CD made for ESL learners. I enjoyed listening to it and I will be using it in my classroom as I see it fit for both kindergarten and elementary children.
The CD contains 25 tracks: 1 introductory; 12 tracks recorded at a normal speed and 12 at a slower speed to meet the needs of ESL learners. The themes include birthday party, various activities, friendships and more. Each track has a unique background music, a story and some sing-along chants.
This CD was created by a wonderful team:
Words and concept: Azita Crerar
Cover art: Elaheh Mottahedeh-Bos (
Vocals: Amelia Crerar* (, Alden Penner**
Music: Alden Penner (
Mixing and Mastering: Steve Pathé at Studio Pathé Frères
Cover layout design: William Leong (
The phrases and stories are so catchy, that I have been going on for a few days chanting some of them in my head! My 2 year old loves them too! The repetitive nature of these tracks is what makes the listener learn and say along, practice pronunciation and intonations. The CD would be a great asset to any ESL classroom from tots up to middle school. And just by using a track a teacher can create a great set of lessons to last all year long.
I am very excited to share with you that I’ll be giving away 5 download cards for for Azita’s Wee Tales for Wee Ones!
The giveaway will commence from midnight (US Pacific time) on May 14th and last till midnight on May 20th. Please enter the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chinese New Year Special: A Little Mandarin {CD Review}

Little Mandarin
Just as I promised in my previous post on Chinese New Year: An Expat’s Experience – today I am giving you a review along with a chance to enter a contest to win some exciting prizes!
Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of the CD in exchange for a review. All opinions and wording are my own, except for the bit on the campaign at the end of this post.
Living in China and having a child going to an all Chinese kindergarten I always wanted to learn some Chinese children’s songs. Even back when I was teaching English in kindergartens I learned some simply rhymes and chants and translated them into English to encourage children to speak English more and to make it more fun and interesting for them.
When A Little Mandarin‘s team approached me to do the review of their CD, I was very excited – it is a great chance to learn more about Chinese children’s songs!
I must say we all loved the songs. You see, Tony Wang, the creator of A Little Mandarin CD, took well-known Chinese nursery rhymes and songs, added some fantastic beat to them and sang them herself with her clear and pleasant voice.
I would absolutely recommend this CD to friends and family: the tunes are easy on the ear and very catchy. Learning these songs and singing them along does open up a tiny crack in the window into the Chinese culture. And it definitely keeps me personally more in tune with the songs my oldest daughter learns at school as these are well-known and very much loved songs Chinese children know. 
With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, do check out A Little Mandarin’s store page – you can purchase a hard copy or download the songs on iTunes, Amazon and Google Playstore.
Chinese New Year Campaign From Little Mandarin:
We are offering, publicly, a FREE download of our Happy New Year song!
To enter our contest we are asking participants to:
Post a video of themselves/ their kids singing the Happy NY song on our Facebook page.
The Video with the most combined likes/ shares WINS
Prize: an ALM prize pack with a copy of the CD, 10 ALM rubber bracelets and a rattle drum (shipped anywhere)
You can download the song here:
The lyrics in English/Pinyin/Simplified Chinese are available on our website and posted on the LYRICS page of the website.
Follow A Little Mandarin on Twitter!