Creative Tuesday: When To Start Real Paints

There are so many wonderful activities for babies and toddlers to introduce them to safe, edible and fun finger paint and homemade paint.


The question I am often asked by parents is when it is safe to introduce *real* i.e. commercial paint, especially such as tempura and acrylic.

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Creative Tuesday: Roller Sponge Painting

Today’s Creative Tuesday is about Roller Sponge Painting!


Sponge painting is always fun, it is messy and children can spend long time exploring textures, shapes and colors with sponges.

Once upon a time I bought the awesome sets of roller sponges and my daughter absolutely loved them and still loves them. 

In my tot class I decided to let children play with them and it was absolutely enjoyable! They used 2 different colors: blue and white; and painted over and over again, applying layers of paint, using different shapes of roller sponges. 

Roller sponge painting promotes eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It is a form of Abstract painting that can turn into more serious art. It also aids with imagination as children learn that roller sponges can also be used to stamp the paint on the paper creative different shapes (flowers, trees, houses etc).


Do you sponge paint with your children? Share with me – I’d love to hear about it!