painting eXperiments {A to Z Raining Day Activities}

 Painting Experiments
My children love painting. Playing with water paints, acrylic paints, tempura, finger paints – you name it! – is the most favorite time pass. 
When the weather is not good outside we color and paint. And we experiment with paint.Painting Experiments 11
Here are some useful tips on painting experiments:
1. Warning: painting experiments ARE messy! But you can contain the mess to an area by designating it and covering with newspapers or plastic table covers.
2. Try various paints and painting techniques:
make finger paint
– try painting with tempura paint
– try abstract painting
– explore with salt painting
– involve various objects in painting, e.g. q-tips, roller sponges
– paint on objects (seashells, rocks, leaves)
– have some fun with messy-less zippy painting
3. I am not kidding you when I say that your painting experiments can last for hours! So enjoy this experience thoroughly as it never gets old!
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Aromatherapy Series: When Ants Come To Stay

Having pests in the house is somewhat a norm here: mosquitos, midges,  all sorts of roaches, ants and flies find their way into households despite the height of the buildings.

This morning I got back home to find ants having a party on and around my daughter’s breakfast plate where she smudged some jam. There must have been at least 100 of them!  No kidding. I got so disgusted – threw the plate into the sink and washed all the ants off the counter. I did notice that they found their way from our laundry balcony that is next to kitchen. The first trespassers were in the kitchen yesterday. At that time I used a mix of water and tea tree oil. However, it is a temporary fix. So I needed something more permanent or at least long term.

After talking to some friends and searching the Web, I decided to try the following: sprinkle cinnamon at the entrance of the balcony and draw lines with chalk.


I also noticed there was a crack in the corner on the floor where the ants seemed to come from as well. So I poured some cinnamon there.

Two hours later,  still no sign of new ants making their way here. But I have to explain to my cleaning lady tomorrow not to wash the cinnamon off  or if she does – to pour some more in there.

I’ll be back to report how effective it is in about a month. My kitchen smells divine,  though!

Paper Cup Series: Paper Cup Princess

How to make your little girl engaged and happy? Make a Paper Cup Princess!

We used 2 paper cups: one is an upcycled cup from mini-cookies, another one is a regular cup. The upcycled cup had some design on it, so do cover it I stuck a piece of plain paper on top – that’s where we drew a face. Then we made 2 holes and put a straw through them – we got hands! 

We cut the edges of a regular paper cup in a shape of a crown and stuck it on top of the princess’s body using double-sided tape (stuck the take at the top of the cup and press the “crown” against it. I used 4 strips of the tape to make it more secure).

Voilà, the Paper Cup Princess is ready!