Plaited Foot Keepsake & Holder

When I was little and went over summer to visit my grandma, my favourite time pass was making plaited with lace foot/shoe holders. In the original method you must use laced ribbon and needle and a thread to stitch everything together. 

So today I want to share with you a variation of my childhood gifts that I made for everyone in the family: Plaited Foot Keepsake & Holder. 

You will need:

– cardboard or cereal box

– marker

– scissors

– gift wrapping ribbons 

– double-sided tape

– hole puncher

How to make your keepsake:

1. Trace your child’s foot on the cardboard. For older children (over 2) you can let them trace by themselves. Cut it out. 

2. Make the top for the keepsake – similar cresent shape. Cut it out. 

3. Now use double sides tape to secure few vertical pieces of ribbon across the foot. Do the same for the horizontal pieces. 

4. Now following the collage, plait them over each other. Repeat with the cresent shaped top.

5. Using double-sided tape, tape some more ribbon on the other side of the sole. 

6. To connect both parts and make a shoes, use the stapler. Or you can stitch them together, too. 

7. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top and put a thread through. 

Your keepsake is ready! And you can use it as a candy holder, too. For Christmas you can use it instead of a stocking! And it will make a lovely gift as well. 


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ABC Mobile


Summer is almost over and in many countries children are starting going back to school. For us school starts on September 1st so we are spending the rest of the summer enjoying various activities.

I am happy to participate in 5 days series called Fun Ways to Play with ABC’s hosted by Something 2 Offer. In this series for the next 5 days we will introduce various ways to plays with ABC’s, each day for a different age group.

For the first day, I am introducing an ABC mobile I made for infants, in a category of Homemade Ideas. At the end of my post I will suggest easier ways of making this mobile.
Mobile toys are one of the first interactive toys babies may see. There are so many on the market: with or without music; wind up ones and battery operated ones; ones that move and once that don’t. You can also make your own mobiles and it is super easy.

For this ABC’s mobile I used the following materials:
Upcycle fabric (mine is leftovers from the fabric I used to make a dress for my daughter; you can use an old pillow case, sheet or dress)
Craft ribbon
Double sided tape
Isolation tape
Wire hanger
Sewing machine
Old teddy bear (or pillow) for stuffing


1. To make the base for the mobile:
– You can use an old hanger made from thinnest wire. Bend it into a circle, triangle or square.
– To secure and make it look better, tape over with an isolation tape. Mine is of a pretty red color! Set it aside.


2. To make the letters:
– Decide on the size and trace the letter on a piece of folded fabric so you have 2 sides which you need to stitch together.
– Stitch the sides by hand or using sewing machine, leaving space to put the stuffing through.
– Stuff it and stitch the opening. Repeat with the rest of the letters

Easier version: use felt or thick carton to cut out your letters. In the case with carton you can use sticky craft paper to decorate over.
– Using craft ribbon, cut out stripes. In my case to make it thicker, I used double sided tape and folded the ribbon into 3 and secured it. Then stitched by hand to the letters.


3. Assembling the mobile:
– Using double sided tape, stick a piece of it to the other end of the craft ribbon you just stitched to the letter.
– Fold the ribbon over the mobile, securing the edge with tape on it so it is tightly wrapped around the circle. Secure all the letters.
– Using a larger piece of craft ribbon, repeat the same process with double sided tape in order to make a “handle” which you will use to hang the mobile (see the very first picture at the beginning of the post for reference.)

I would suggest not to put more than 3-4 letters at a time. You can change them weekly and hang above the baby’s crib during his awake time. While talking to the baby you can also name the letters to him.

One great thing about the letters I made, once child is older they can be given to.him to play with – simply detach and cut off the ribbon.

Some ideas for stuffing: to make it much safer and completely allergy-free, use pieces of fabric for stuffing.
To ensure better sensory experience once the child is able to  hold the toy, you can add some beans inside with the stuffing.
Supervision is required, especially if you stuff beans inside.

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Child-Made Christmas Lanterns

I am happy to participate in and be one of the first to post for 20 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments Project, hosted by some of the amazing bloggers from KBN (Kid Blogger Network).


Living in China where Christmas has become a big deal (while not being an official holiday) and being an ESL teacher, over the past 20 years I’ve taught and made tons of Christmas crafts. I usually try to find something easy and fun for children to make. So, today I am introducing a Christmas Lantern to you! (This lantern is a great decoration for Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival too!)


What you will need:

2 paper cups

Double-sided tape

Crafting ribbon

Crepe paper

Paint (for finger prints decoration)

How to make it:

1. Put to cups together and secure them with a double-sided tape.

2. Take the paper off the tape and stick the ribbon over it.

3. Using pieces of double-sided tape and a smaller piece of ribbon, make a handle that the lantern will hang on.

4. Apply another round of double sided take on the bottom of the lantern. Tear crepe paper into strips. Take the paper off the double-sided tape and stick the strips of crepe paper over so that they hang down.lantern1

5. Using paint, have children decorate the lanterns with finger prints. This is probably the most fun they get while making this lantern!

6. Dry and decorate the tree or your house with the lanterns (be careful though to keep them away from Christmas lights!)


 What are your favorite Christmas ornaments? Do you prefer making them or buying?


Would you like to join in on the fun too?!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the landing page here, for this series that Melissa at Mama Miss is hosting.
  2. Just link a KID-MADE ornament you’ve created with your kiddos (limited to 2 a day).
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  4. Label the ornament button: 20 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas: Ornaments
  5. Link the ornament button to: the landing page for this series.


20 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas: Ornaments


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Creative Tuesday: Rainbow cloud

After a few weeks of break, Creative Tuesday series are back with this simple Rainbow Cloud!


Do you remember this catchy nursery rhyme?

“Rain, Rain, Go away,

Come again another day

Little children want to play

Rain, Rain, Go away”

I always try to incorporate crafts into my English lessons. Working with children is whole lot of fun but it is even more fun when you have some simple craft for them to make and the reward – their happy faces from this great achievement!

I have made this Rainbow Cloud on many different occasions and with different variations. Today I will share the simple way of making one. It can be a fun window or mobile-like decoration for your child’s room. Or you can use it as a prop to learn some nursery rhymes about rain and rainbows together.

You will need:

A cloud shaped cut out from construction paper

(white is preferable but you can choose on the colour together with your child)

Crepe paper of different colors


rainbow cloud2

How to make it:

1. Have your child tear the crepe paper into stripes.

2. Apply glue all over one side of the cloud shape.

3. Glue as many stripes as you wish

Your rainbow cloud is ready!


Did you like this simple idea? Let me know what other rain, cloud and rainbow crafts you made with your children – I’d love to hear about that! 


International Women’s Day Craft

Did you know that March 8th is the International Women’s Day? Growing up in Soviet Union, it was widely celebrated in Soviet block countries hence proclaimed International. And in Russia until now we only have Women’s Day which is also our Mother’s Day.

Living in China we continue celebrating this day and today we made some craft with tots and then with my daughter – construction paper flowers. It is a very simple craft which can be used for many different occasions – Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Women’s Day, Birthdays

My daughter made a flower for each teacher in her old and new class plus for 2 more administrators who always take care of her (one is our closest friend). Hers were placed in paper cups. The tots made flower beds for their grandmas and moms to take home.

What you will need:

Strips of green construction paper

Cut-out flowers (with my daughter we made double layer, with tots – single layer)

+ small yellow circles for the middle

Double-sided tape


Paper cups (for individual flowers)

Paper plates (for flower beds)

Pieces of construction paper slightly cut for grass (for flower beds)

How to do it:

1. Apply some glue on one end of the strip, roll it, glue the ends together. Form the circles into drop shapes and places into the paper cups. These are your stems.

2. Now apply a little glue in the middle of the big flower and stick the smaller one on top. Fold the petals of the small flower slightly up.

3. Apply some glue on the yellow circles and stick them in the middle of the flowers.

4. Turn the flowers upside down and put pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom.

5. Take the paper off the tape and stick the flowers on top of the stems.


6. You can secure the stems in the cups with double sides paper

For the flower bed version:

Apply double sided tape on the plate. Remove the paper and stick the flowers and the “grass” on top (check out the very first picture in this post).

Do you celebrate International Women’s Day? I’d love to know about it!

3D Valentine’s Day Card

I grew up without knowing what Valentine’s Day was. It is much later, at the University, during my English literature lessons that I learned about this holiday. In fact, I think Valentine’s Day has become more international in the past 20 years or so and is now widely celebrated all over the world.

For the Valentine’s Day my husband (who also grew up without celebrating it) usually gets me a flower and some chocolate and we go on our usual Date with children some place nice for dessert or a meal.

This time I would like to introduce a lovely activity I came up with – 3D Valentine’s Heart Card. It is a very easy activity and I am sure you can find all the materials at home!

You will need:

A toilet paper roll


Double-sided tape

Construction paper or cereal box

Crepe or tissue paper of different color


How to do it:

1. Make a card body out of construction paper or the cereal box.

2. Cut few circles from the toilet paper roll (I cut 3 but depending on the card size you can make more).

3. Shape the circles into hearts. Color them with crayons.

4. On the card stick some double-sided tape and stick the hearts over, applying strong pressure so they stick well. You might want to put few strips for each heart in order to make sure the edges stick better.

5. Tear or cut crepe/tissue paper into small pieces and fill the inside and the outside of the hearts over the double-sided tape.

6. Your card is ready!

I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you celebrate! And if not – this card is a wonderful personalized present for any other occasion, like Mother’s Day or a Birthday.

Paper Cup Series: Paper Cup Princess

How to make your little girl engaged and happy? Make a Paper Cup Princess!

We used 2 paper cups: one is an upcycled cup from mini-cookies, another one is a regular cup. The upcycled cup had some design on it, so do cover it I stuck a piece of plain paper on top – that’s where we drew a face. Then we made 2 holes and put a straw through them – we got hands! 

We cut the edges of a regular paper cup in a shape of a crown and stuck it on top of the princess’s body using double-sided tape (stuck the take at the top of the cup and press the “crown” against it. I used 4 strips of the tape to make it more secure).

Voilà, the Paper Cup Princess is ready!

Paper Plate Series: Paper Plate and Play Dough Sun

It’s always fun to come up with some new ideas and craft which will engage children!
Here’s what we made today in my class with 2+ year olds: Paper Plate and Play Dough Sun!

You will need:
1 paper plate
Double-sided tape
Crepe paper cut in stripes (or coloured tissue paper)
Sunflower seeds
Play dough (we used this recipe to make ours)
A plastic fork and a plastic knife (optional)

Turn the plate bottom up and put double-sided tape around the outer rim.
Remove the paper off the double-sided tape and stick the stripes of crepe or tissue paper to make the sun rays. It’s a lot of fun and helps children practice their fine motor skills.
When done, turn the plate on the other side and cut the dough with a plastic knife or pinch off the pieces.
Put the pieces of the play dough on the plate and even it all out till it covers the surface of the plate.
You can let children use the fork and sort of rake on top of the play dough to create designs.
Next, take the sunflower seeds either one by one or a few at a time and squeeze them into the play dough.
Let the children come up with all sorts of designs. This is a great sensory and exploration activity. You can learn colors as you stick colorful rays.


Note: supervision is required due to choking hazard (sunflower seeds, plastic items, crepe or tissue paper which children may want to put in their mouths).

I hope you enjoy this activity! Thank you for reading my blog.

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Paper cup series: floating flowers

I am starting a new set of series for paper cups craft. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

My older daughter loves picking flowers outside. When she brings them home we put them in paper cups. But today I came up with a new idea: to make special craft with paper cups for floating flowers.

You will need:

Paper cup

Paper plate

Double-sided tape

Glitter (if you don’t have any – cut up color paper into tiny pieces or use stickers instead of double-sided tape and glitter)



How to do it:

1. First, cut the paper cup into half and put glitter on a plate (or plates).

2. Then stick double-sided tape on the outer part (if using stickers – stick them all over and skip to step 4!)

3. Roll the cup in glitter (pieces of paper)

4. Tie the ribbon (the child may need your assistance here), pour some water in, put the flowers in water.


Hope you liked this idea! Thank you for reading my blog!

Paper bag with cupcake liner flower

We loved making the paper bag with cupcake liner flowers! It is simple and it is a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Note: estimate all measurements according to how big you want your bag and your flowers.

You will need:

1. A rectangular piece of construction paper as big as you want your bag to be. Other thick paper would also do. Best to use colorful paper.

2. Two cupcake liners

3. Six circles, 4 pink and 2 white

4. Six petal shaped green pieces of paper

4. Gift wrapping ribbon

5. Glue

6. Double-sided tape

How to do it:

1. First, fold your construction paper into half. Put the double-sided tape o each side, stick the ends of the ribbon at the top and then glue the sides together.

2. In the middle of the paper bag, at the top, stick the first cupcake liner, bu applying the glue in the middle of it and leaving the ends free. Then stick the 2nd liner on top of the first. Prop the ends up and shape them a little as you wish.

3. Fold circles into half. First, apply glue on one half of the pink circle and stick to the bag, leave the other half free. Do the same with the second pink circle and stick it very close to the first one. Now apply glue to the white circle, both sides, and stick it to the pink circles, to the halves that you left without gluing together. Repeat it for the other circles. Place circles at the opposite sides of the bag. Here you can let your imagination run free: choose your own color combinations and where you’d like to position the flowers!

4. Apply glue to the leaf-shaped pieces of paper and stick them under each flower – you get your “stem”.

5. Your bag is ready!

See the picture on how the bag should look like!

Enjoy the fun of making this bag and thank you for reading my blog!