Creative Tuesday: Painting with Q-tips

Welcome to Creative Tuesdays!
Today I will talk about a very good creative activity that helps with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills development: painting with Q-tips. I am sure you have heard or even done it before. It is simple, quick to arrange and very engaging. The only downside I found is that so many q-tips get wasted. So in order to modify you can just use a toothpick or a matchstick with pieces of cotton attached on top and the toothpick and the matchstick can be reused until they break!
Painting with q-tips
How to arrange the activity:
1. Find some paints – any paints will do. We used finger paints which were a bit old and didn’t work well as finger paints anymore. You can also use home made paints, acrylic paints, water paints, tempura paints – anything you wish!
2. Set up the work space: prepare few sheets of paper (during painting activities we go through at least 3-4!), set the paints and enough q-tips for each color your child will be using.
3. This is a half-supervised or independent activity. I would recommend it to children from 2+ years old and up (though my now 2 year old also enjoyed it since she was about 1.5 years old; but needed  to be supervised 100%!) and the amount of supervision depends on the age. With younger children choose fewer colors and demonstrate them how to do it, plus keep an eye on them. With older children more colors create more fun and room for imagination!
4. At the end when you are done with q-tips, you can use some scotch tape and make a q-tip collage. Or simply stick the q-tips at the bottom of the paintings and display the paintings on the wall!
I hope you enjoy this activity with your children. It doesn’t require a parent to be super creative or crafty, it is simple to gather the materials and set up the work space as well as relatively easy to clean up!

Creative Tuesday: Revisiting Home Made Paint

I shared with you previously that we made home made paint and had tons of fun with it!
Today I’d like to revisit as this activity took place few more times at our house and it was always great fun!
It is especially useful as a non-supervised/half-supervised activity for older siblings (4 + in my experience but would of course worker better with older children) when you have a new baby!
Home made paint
Here are simple steps:
1. Mix the ingredients.
2. Pour them into paper cups and add needed color (could be food coloring or actual paints).
3. Grab a big piece of paper and paints and have fun!
The beauty of this paint recipe that it WILL come off easily so if you get it on the surfaces, all you need is wet wipes and/or damp cloth to wash the stains off. And they easily came off my daughter’s clothes as well after running them in a wash cycle.

Creative Tuesday: Handprinted Peacock

I have been MIA as we’ve been moving and it is not fun 30 weeks into pregnancy!
I hope I can resume and schedule some of my posts for the time being and I am excited as I am expecting few fellow bloggers to write some lovely guest posts for me while I am busy with the new baby (who is coming some time in June!).
Today for Creative Tuesday I would like to share a VERY simple activity that I am sure you have seen on many various blogs and sites: Handprinted Peacock.
Handprint Peacock Title
The activity is very simple:
Trace the child’s hand on the piece of paper.
Then put the hand over again so the fingers fill in the areas between the finger prints. Trace again.
Now draw wings, eyes and legs. Color your peacock as you like.
The results are very cute!
Handprint Peacock
We had lots of fun with these peacocks. We also learned a peacock dance pose. I couldn’t take a picture but children had a blast pretending to be peacocks.
Hope you liked this activity!

Creative Tuesday: Easter Bunny

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Welcome to Creative Tuesday! On Tuesdays I will be trying my best to post some simple craft activities for you to make with your children/students.
Easter is fast-approaching. And while we don’t really celebrate it, it is a great holiday to be creative and to make various craft. Last year I made an Easter Egg with the tots from my playgroup.
This activity was also made last year with older children (3+-4+ year old). It is quite simple and make a fun pet for kids to play with!
What you need:
TP roll (or a cardboard roll)
Cotton (5 pieces)
Bunny ears  (cut out from cereal box)
How to make it:
Simply stick 4 pieces of cotton on one side of the TP roll for paws and one at the back – for the tail.
Stick ears to the top of the TP roll.
Draw the face.
Your bunny is ready to play with!
To make it more Easter-like, make Easter eggs out of play dough and decorate them with beads or pieces of color paper (post to come!).
Do you celebrate Easter? Do you make Easter craft with your children?

Creative Tuesday: When To Start Real Paints

There are so many wonderful activities for babies and toddlers to introduce them to safe, edible and fun finger paint and homemade paint.


The question I am often asked by parents is when it is safe to introduce *real* i.e. commercial paint, especially such as tempura and acrylic.

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Creative Tuesday: Painting Together

I am back with Creative Tuesday Series!


Painting together1

Today I want to talk about painting together with your child. In fact, doing all sorts of activities together with your child.

Miss T loves drawing and painting. Now that she is almost 5 she can draw, color and paint on her own which is a great opportunity for mama to do some chores and attend to miss A’s needs.  However, we still like to get together and do some painting. It is usually spontaneous and requires no preparation: we just grab paper, water, paints and start creating!

Painting together

What does painting together give us? It gives us a chance to bond. We review colors, shapes, name objects. We also let our creativity flow. We chatter about things that we want to paint or want to do together. All in all, painting together for us is a chance to have that needed mother-daughter time. Being a home-stay mom who takes care of 2 children, I rarely get a chance to do something with miss T alone, just the two of us. So we spend quality time during our painting sessions and let our creativity burst out in all its colors.

How do you spend quality time with your child/children?