Celebrating Nawruz with Printable Appreciation Cards

Happy Nawruz
Today the Baha’is all around the world are ending their Fasting Month and as the sun sets on March 20th until the sunset of March 21st we celebrate Baha’i New Year, also known as Nawruz. Nawruz originates from a Zoroastrian traditions and is widely celebrated by Persians all over the world as well as in some other countries. You can read my last year’s post on Nawruz here.
As my daughters grow bigger, they gain more understanding about various celebrations. And this year Nawruz is extra special as my 5 year old is preparing small gifts to give to her classmates (whole 37 of them plus we are preparing some flowers for teachers!). Since in China Nawruz is not a holiday that is known or celebrated, we have decided to make small appreciation cards to go along with a quote from the Baha’i Writings by Baha’u’llah: “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”. We made the cards in Chinese and signed below: “With Love and Appreciation from Tessa”.
While these cards are very easy to make, I thought it would be nice to make a printable (my first one!) to share with the rest of you. These cards are very neutral in their nature and they don’t imply any religious influence. So you can basically use them on any occasion and to share with anyone, whether they are religious or not.
I hope you enjoy this small gift from me to you! The printable is in English and Chinese and I will be adding one more with Russian and English later.
Happy Nawruz to everyone who is celebrating! And you are not celebrating – have a lovely Spring!


Download the printable by clicking this link: Printable Appreciation Cards

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