Chinese New Year Snake Craft

In the spirit of upcoming Chinese New Year (otherwise known as the Spring Festival), I’ve been contemplating what activities I could do with my mommy & tot class.

So after a lot of Pinterest-ing and Google-ing, I came up with a really cool Chinese New Year Snake Craft of my own. I promise it is SUPER SIMPLE and fun!

You will need:

Plain paper



How to do it:

1. Let the child randomly color on both sides of the paper.

2. Fold the paper in half, tear (length-wise). Then fold each piece into half again and tear again. You will have 4 strips of paper.

3. Glue the pieces together so you have one long strip.

4. Fold the corners of one end inside to make a pointy end (nose). Tear a small piece from the other end and glue it to the pointy end (tongue). Draw eyes.

5. Now fold the paper as you would for a fan. All the way till the end! And that’s how you get your snake!

Tots loved the snake – the put it around their necks, waved it and threw around making it “fly”. It is a great creative and sensory fun!


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