Christmas In Different Land: Christmas Spirit In China

Do you celebrate Christmas? How do you celebrate it? I’ve written earlier that we don’t really celebrate Christmas but we love Christmas Gawking! As ESL teachers, we do of course teach our children about Christmas and make Christmas activities. Last year we made Hand-printed Christmas Tree, and this year – Christmas Lanterns.

In China Christmas is not an official holiday but you feel the spirit as everything gets decorated and starts sparkling, spiced by Christmas carols, from around the beginning of November!

Supermarkets are filled with Christmas decorations: trees, ornaments, small Santa dolls, Snowmen, Santa hats, tinsel and more!

In schools Christmas is only celebrated in kindergarten levels. And in some primary schools, early grades. After that children simply have no time for any festivities!

In my post I want to “walk” you through how everything looks here during months of November – December. From January things start getting ready for Chinese New Year, so shortly after New Year’s holidays all of these get taken down.

Most of these pictures are taken in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, where we live, and some – in Macao, which is just next door.

christmas china

Christmas trees around here are gorgeous! And people go out of their to decorate and create a festive atmosphere!

christmas china1

If Christmas is celebrated by some families, it is usually associated with dinner out with friends, Santa and presents, games and tons of fun! This particular party was organized by us, a bunch of parents, to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

christmas china2

Our daughter for ones loves posing in front of all the beautiful decorations! These are some dear memories to keep for years to come!

christmas china3

Most of kindergartens would have their morning exercise associated with Christmas. Like here, children wear Santa hats and dance along the Christmas carols! It is so much fun!

christmas china4

Ah, this is such a sweet memory. At some point in 2011 I taught English at a Charity Federation. They organized a lovely Christmas party for the children from low income and single-parent families, with snack and children showing off their talents. And boy, they ARE talented! Their voices, abilities to play various instruments. It was probably the best Christmas party ever!

christmas china5

These are just some decorations around Zhuhai and Macao. In Macao Christmas is an official holiday and schools go on Christmas vacation for 2 weeks. Macao used to be a Portuguese colony and after rejoining China, they were allowed to keep their life pace and holidays. China looks no less festive even though there is no official holiday nor vacation.

Jian Cai December 2009

And these are decorations from a kindergarten where my husband used to work at. Chinese teachers spend hours decorating and beautifying the classrooms. It just makes children happy to see all these beautiful ornaments and trees!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of seeing what Christmas Spirit does in China. Leave a comment on how you celebrate – I’d love to know!



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