Cooking series: How to Make Papua New Guinean Mumu

From next month onward cooking series will move to the middle of the month. However, this month I introduce cooking series to you fairly early in order to help promote a good deed: a fundraiser for a teachers’ training in Papua New Guinea.


This article is a part of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Hop 2014organized by Multicultural Kid Blogs . Originally this article was written by Chelsea from Veritable Treasure, who is running a series of posts about introducing the country of Papua New Guinea to children in an effort to raise funds for a teacher training in Papua New Guinea she has organized for September 2013.  We will be randomly selecting two fundraiser participants to receive a copy of Beautiful Rainbow World a beautiful CD which you can find details about at the end of the post!  Be sure to donate before the deadline of 18 June!


As do many Pacific islands, Papua New Guinea has their own version of cooking a meal with hot rocks.  It is called “mumu” and is traditionally done with potatoes, sweet potatoes (called kumura), green vegetables, and some sort of meat cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves.

Here is a step-by-step version of how to make this delicious dish!

mu mu 101 with text

These photos were taken back in 2006 when I visited Papua New Guinea for the first time.  My husband’s best friend and his family invited us to learn how to make mumu with them – it was an awesome experience!   See the full video (which is quite funny) here.

Note: Regionally this dish may vary.

I hope you had fun learning a bit about a popular food (food = “kai kai”) in Papua New Guinea!  To learn more about the fundraiser I am holding for a teacher’s training in PNG and to donate please visit this page.

If you give any amount to the fundraiser please make a comment on THIS POST simply informing us that you donated and your name will go into the drawing to receive one of the two copies of Beautiful Rainbow World, a lovely CD from Daria Music.  Any amount great or small is much appreciated!  You may like to consider reading this post and others from the PNG series with your child, and then deciding on an amount to give together.  It is the thought that counts, more than the amount.

To check out the other posts which will give you some more background about the Papua New Guinea (including pictures of children!), go to this page to find the series.

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