Cooking Series: Perfect Tadig


I love Middle Eastern food. However, it is quite time consuming to make and with my picky eater I rarely dare to experiment much.

Persian rice has been happily accepted in our family so I often make it as I can sneak in some butter and potatoes which are rarely welcomed by miss T
I wanted to share with you a recipe of Persian rice with crunchy rice or potato tadig that worked for me from first trial.

Before that I attempted making it but whatever recipes I found just would work because I could never understand when to drain the rice so it is not overcooked.

Here’s my recipe of Persian rice with perfect tadig (crunchy bottom of the rice made of rice itself or potatoes):

What you need:
2-4 cups of rice
Butter (2-3 tablespoons)
1 large potato, not peeled
Fresh or dry dill (optional)
1 large pot in which you can boil and fry
Clean kitchen towel

How to make it:
1. Wash the rice, drain it and set aside.

2. Wash potato and slice into thin circle slices. Put in water and set aside.

3. Put a big amount of water to boil. Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt.

4. When the water startd boiling, add rice to it. Don’t stir. Put on medium-low fire and cover.

5. Once the rice starts boiling, as soon as the first grain floats to the top – it is time to drain the rice (this is the tip to making the perfect rice). It can happen within 3 to10 minutes – all depends on the rice you use. I use Thai white rice and it cooks very fast.

6. Set the rice to the drainer, rinse the pot and pour out on the rice the remaining grains.

7. Take potatoes out of water and dry with a towel or a paper towel. Put the pot back on the stove, add 1-2 tablespoons of butter and when it melts – lower the fire and arrange potatoes in one layer on the bottom of the pot.

8. Keeping the fire at medium low, arrange the rice on top of the potatoes like a pyramid. With a chopstick or the handle of the spoon make few holes and  put pieces of butter in them.

9. Cover the pot with folded dry clean towel and cover with the lid. The towel will absorb all the unnecessary moisture so your rice doesn’t stick together.

10. Keep the rice on medium low for about 10 minutes. Then on low for 40-50 minutes. After that if you wish? Sprinkle the top with dill and cover for another 5 min.

11. Once ready, turn off the rice, take the large flat plate, cover the pot and turn it upside down onto the plate. You should get this:


Some of my friends serve the rice and tadak separately.  I serve them together.
You can do without potatoes (as in first pictures). Just follow the recipe using only rice.

If you want a vegetarian/vegan and low cholesterol version – use sunflower or coconut oil. This recipe will also work with brown rice.

If you try this recipe let me know how it came out!!!

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