Creative Tuesday: Birthday Cards

Today Creative Tuesday is about some ideas on DIY Birthday Cards. We actually stopped buying birthday cards and make our own for all our friends. Another reason for that of course that most of the cards here are in Chinese and I can’t read it. So we create!
What you need:
A piece of any type of paper
Markers or crayons
How to make it:
Fold the paper. CREATE!
Almost every month children at my daughter’s kindergarten class have birthdays (there are 38 children after all!). So the parents are notified about these events and asked to help their child to make or buy and sign a card or give a small gift if willing. Miss T loves making her cards and sometimes she just makes them and gives to her teachers and classmates.
I would take a home-made card any day instead of a store-bought one!
What do you do for birthday cards?
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