Creative Tuesday: Collages for Love

Last week the world celebrated Valentine’s Day which coincided with the 14th Day post Spring Festival – the Lantern Festival.
Growing up in Soviet Russia, we never celebrated Valentine’s Day and I had not much of an idea what it was till I read about it at the University during one of the European History classes.
When I first came to China and became an expat, it was fun doing something for Valentine’s with my friends but the idea never really appealed to me and that was just it – a fun day to eat chocolate and go out with friends.
Now in our family we don’t celebrate Valentine’s. However, I take it as an opportunity to talk about the Virtue of Love.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been homebound with the children due to cold weather and a cold/sinus infection. Since I felt better by Friday, I spent whole morning with my 5 year old and 19 months old making collages for love and appreciation.


The idea is simple: cut out few big hearts and a bunch of smaller hearts. We also used colorful contact paper to make hearts. Then place the bigger heart in the middle of the big sheet of white paper and stick smaller hearts around in a desired order. Write your love messages  and put them on display!



Suggested materials: white sheets of paper, construction paper, colorful contact paper, regular color paper, scissors, glue, pencils, crayons, markers.
What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it in your family? How do you show your appreciation and love to your family members?
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