Creative Tuesday: Cupcake Liner Flower

Welcome to Creative Tuesday! On Tuesdays I will be trying my best to post some simple craft activities for you to make with your children/students.
As you probably noticed – I love flowers. And I love making craft with flowers. I have previously posted a craft that involved cupcake liners to make flowers. Today I offer you an activity that is based on the method: cupcake liner flowers.
What you need:
White sheet of paper
4 cupcake liners
Markers or crayons
How to make it:
Take one cupcake liner and flatten it. Apply glue on the circle of the inner part (less colorful) and stick the outer side up.
Now take the second liner and invert it – outer part inside. Pinch 4 sides to make is resembling flower petals. Apply glue on the opposite side and stick in the middle of the first flower.
Repeat with the other 2 liners.
Now, draw stems and leaves using markers or crayons. And all other stuff that you can imagine: sun, grass, birds, bugs, butterflies, clouds…
Talk about the pictures with your child/student. I asked my students to describe their picture in simple words:
“Hello, my name is… This is my picture. In my picture there are …. flowers. There is green grass. There are …. birds. There is the sun. There are …. butterflies. Do you like my picture?”
Craft is a great way for speech development – it allows you to communicate with the child, learn colors, shapes, various verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and of course, phrases.
I hope you enjoy making this simple craft with your children!
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