Creative Tuesday: Curly Hearts

Welcome to Creative Tuesdays!
I continue offering very very simple crafts that are easy to make with younger and older children and easy to supervise by so-called non-crafty parents!
As the Father’s Day is approaching, you can see so many various crafts posted. I posted The Longest Picture idea last week and today I offer you Curly Hearts. It could be a simple collage or a part of a DIY card. This craft is also suitable for any other occasion: Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, birthdays.
The materials you need are construction paper for the card/collage base, cut out heart and several straps of paper which could be the same in length or different; and glue.
The steps are very simple:
Glue the straps in a circle, securing only the top part and leaving the ends free.
Glue the heart on top.
Take a pencil or a marker and curl the ends.
Your curly heart is ready!
How do you celebrate Father’s Day (if you do at all?)
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