Creative Tuesday: DIY Shakers

Welcome to Creative Tuesdays!
How about some music? Do you play any instruments? Do you expose your children to music?
One of the favorite crafts is to make shakers. They are so simple, fun and offer a variety of sensory and music experiences.
Here’s what you will need to make shakers:
TP roll
2 cupcake lines
Some beans or rice
Scotch tape
Colors (crayons, pencils or markers)
The steps are very simple:
Tape the cupcake liner on one end of the TP roll. Secure it by taping over the end with 2 pieces of tape crossed over (that is so the beans/rice have less chance to break through cupcake liner when the shakers are shaken!)
Add bean/rice into the TP roll and close the other end with the 2nd cupcake liner the same way you did with the first.
Now, let your imagination flow and color the TP Rolls!
For the activity:
Use the shakers to accompany listening or singing along with favorite songs, nursery rhyme or to create a mini-band!
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