Creative Tuesday: Easter Bunny

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Welcome to Creative Tuesday! On Tuesdays I will be trying my best to post some simple craft activities for you to make with your children/students.
Easter is fast-approaching. And while we don’t really celebrate it, it is a great holiday to be creative and to make various craft. Last year I made an Easter Egg with the tots from my playgroup.
This activity was also made last year with older children (3+-4+ year old). It is quite simple and make a fun pet for kids to play with!
What you need:
TP roll (or a cardboard roll)
Cotton (5 pieces)
Bunny ears  (cut out from cereal box)
How to make it:
Simply stick 4 pieces of cotton on one side of the TP roll for paws and one at the back – for the tail.
Stick ears to the top of the TP roll.
Draw the face.
Your bunny is ready to play with!
To make it more Easter-like, make Easter eggs out of play dough and decorate them with beads or pieces of color paper (post to come!).
Do you celebrate Easter? Do you make Easter craft with your children?
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