Creative Tuesday: Flashback – TP Roll Candy

TP roll candy

We had so much fun last year making this TP Roll and Tissue Paper Candy with toddlers, that I modified this activity to make with older children. I can repeat it over and over again – this can make a great gift as well as a decoration. You just need to put the actual candy, packed nuts, packed chocolates (like, mini-chocolate bars) or even mini-packs of dried fruit, as well as small toys, pack away and give to your family and friends!

The principle of making this TP Roll Candy is the same as in the link I provided above, we just took a piece of plain paper and colored it and we used decorative ribbons instead of threads to tie the ends.

TP roll candy 2


Miss A who is almost 19 months old loved participating in the coloring part along with the older children! She had a blast!

TP roll candy 1


This activity helps develop creativity, sense of color, fine motor skills, pincer grasp and assists language development (as well as foreign language due to color naming and naming of the verbs of action and movement).

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