Creative Tuesday: Leaves Painting

Today’s Creative Tuesday is all about leaves painting! Here the Spring in some ways resembles Autumn: the old leaves are falling and the new ones are showing and stretching towards the sky.


The other day my daughters and I were walking from picking up miss T from the school bus. I saw all those wonderful large brown leaves on the road and I suggested: “Let’s pick some leaves!” Miss T was very surprised and asked what for. “Why, to paint them, of course!” – I replied. She got super excited and picked up a bunch. She used gouache to paint a few and there were few more left.

So the next day I used these leaves in my tot class and we had an absolute blast!

Any type of paint would suit for leaves painting: finger paint, water paint, gouache, acrylic or tempura. Pick your choice, put on the apron, get the brushes and start painting!

Leaves painting can be done with a purpose (creating special designs) or just as in my class it can turn into abstract painting.


Try painting leaves together with your child and share your experience with me! I’d love to read about it!

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