Creative Tuesday: Paper Frog Puppet

Today Creative Tuesday Series introduce to you a Paper Frog Puppet!


I saw this project first at some online Russian parents group. I have tried to locate the source but without much success!

Using the same technique you and your children can create the whole zoo!

You will need:

A piece of A4 paper (white or green color)

A red circle for the mouth (check out the cut out below)


2 bigger green eyes and 2 smaller pieces to stick on top (check for the cut-outs on top)

Glue or double-sided tape


How to make it:

1. If you have a plain piece of A4 paper, let the children go wild coloring it green (both sides).


2. Fold the paper into thirds length wise, then fold it into half and then each part fold into half, but outwards. It should fit onto your hand as shown in the picture.


3. Stick smaller eye parts on bigger ones and then fold the ends of the bigger parts and glue on top of the frog’s shapeg, leaving some space at the edge. Draw 2 small lines to indicate the nose.


4. Fold the circle into half, apply the glue and glue in the middle of the frog shape, the inside part, to indicate the mouth.

Your frog is ready!


Improvise to make a cat, a dog, a lion, a bird – whatever animal your little one would like!

These hand puppets are great entertainment for children as they can always make ┬áthem “talk”!

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  1. Varya good going. Was “planning” to visit your site from a looooooooooong time. Just today managed it. I am sure Devi gonna love many of your stuff. All the best, dear one!


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