Creative Tuesday: Pencil Holder

pencil holder
We had an absolute blast making these pencil holders in my English class! They are easy and made from upcycle and left-over materials.
What you need:
TP roll
a piece of cardboard paper
a piece of construction paper
a CD
markers, crayons or paints
How to make it:
1. Take TP roll and cut one side into 8 pieces, about 1 inch long. Fold them up to resemble octopus legs so the roll can “stand”.
2. Using a CD, trace 1 circle on cardboard paper and 1 circle on construction paper. Cut them out.
3. Using the other side of TP roll, trace the circle right in the middle of the construction paper circle. Cut it out.
4. Fit the construction paper circle over the TP roll all the way down to the “octopus legs”.
5. Apply A LOT of glue on the cardboard circle and the “octopus legs”. Press both circles together tightly. Use clothes pegs to secure the circles in order for glue and paper to blend better.
6. Using markers, crayons or paints decorate the TP roll body.
pencil holder1
You pencil holder is ready as soon as the circles are stuck well together!
This activity takes between 25 to 60 minutes depending on child’s skills of cutting, glueing and decorating!
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