Creative Tuesday: Pouring small objects

Today’s Creative Tuesday series are inspired by

Pouring Grains Montessori Activity.

Amazingly, this activity was initiated and created by the tots themselves. We started off by having a coloring activity but they suddenly decided they wanted to pour chalk and pieces of crayons. I was amazed and pleased with their creativity! In the past we did the pouring grains activity, but it was almost a year ago and I think subconsciously they made an association and created this variation.

Here’s what you need:

Small objects

2 containers

You can show your child how to put or pour the objects from one container to another or just let him figure it out by himself, like my tots did!

Later I thought of making it a little more complicated. I took paper cups and cut their bottoms off and let the children pour the crayons and chalk through the paper cup to another container.

This activity occupied them for over 30 minutes.

Try it with your tots and let me know what objects you used!

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