Creative Tuesday: Rainbow cloud

After a few weeks of break, Creative Tuesday series are back with this simple Rainbow Cloud!


Do you remember this catchy nursery rhyme?

“Rain, Rain, Go away,

Come again another day

Little children want to play

Rain, Rain, Go away”

I always try to incorporate crafts into my English lessons. Working with children is whole lot of fun but it is even more fun when you have some simple craft for them to make and the reward – their happy faces from this great achievement!

I have made this Rainbow Cloud on many different occasions and with different variations. Today I will share the simple way of making one. It can be a fun window or mobile-like decoration for your child’s room. Or you can use it as a prop to learn some nursery rhymes about rain and rainbows together.

You will need:

A cloud shaped cut out from construction paper

(white is preferable but you can choose on the colour together with your child)

Crepe paper of different colors


rainbow cloud2

How to make it:

1. Have your child tear the crepe paper into stripes.

2. Apply glue all over one side of the cloud shape.

3. Glue as many stripes as you wish

Your rainbow cloud is ready!


Did you like this simple idea? Let me know what other rain, cloud and rainbow crafts you made with your children – I’d love to hear about that! 


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3 thoughts on “Creative Tuesday: Rainbow cloud

  1. I agree with you — incorporating crafts and other activities is a great idea with your English lessons. I’m excited to hear/read more about how this is going. And the Rainbow cloud turned out cute. 🙂

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