Creative Tuesday: Sensory Play

Today Creative Tuesday introduces a wonderful activity inspired by the original activity from Blog Me MomSensory Writing.

In our case it turned into Sensory Play as the children were too young to write. This activity is appropriate for practically any age. First of all, the paste is safe and edible. We used regular flour instead of the corn flour that is called for in the original recipe. You just need to add enough water to make sticky and slightly watery paste. As it starts air-drying, it becomes slightly thicker and stays on paper better allowing children to draw on it.

Here are the things we used to play with the paste:

– plastic knives

– plastic forks

– pieces of cardboard paper to smudge it on construction paper

– straws (we blew through them on the paste to make fun designs!)

And of course – hands!

It seemed moms in my class were as engaged as the children were.

I highly recommend this activity to children with ADD/ADHD – it can engage them for a very long time.

We really enjoyed this messy sensory play! It was also very easy to clean and easy to wash children’s clothes which they managed to get paste all over despite the aprons!

Try this activity and let me know how it turned out. I’d love to hear all about it!

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