Creative Tuesday: Snow Flower

After a break, I am back with Creative Tuesday and hope to bring more interesting activities and crafts!

snow flower

In China people celebrate Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, usually end of January-beginning of February. It is considered a time when we say good-bye to winter and welcome Spring. This year Spring Festival day falls on January 31st. To celebrate the end of winter, I created this simple, yet engaging craft – Snow Flower.
What you need:
Few cotton balls
A paper cup
How to make it:
Cut the sides of the cup down to the bottom into 8 parts.
Open the sides and turn the cup bottom up – facing you.
Brush the glue over the parts, pinch small pieces of cotton and stick them over.

snowflower 1

When finished, take crayons and color the middle. I asked the children to color with different crayons in layers. It creates a very nice combination of colors!
You can also add a ribbon or a thread on the side to hang your Snow Flower.
snow flower 2
This activity helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. And of course, it encourages creativity!
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