Creative Tuesday: TP Roll Tree

As you have noticed I have been really trying to come up with very simple craft activities that any parent or other adult can supervise and explain easily to the child.
tp roll tree title
Today I will show you how to make a TP Roll Tree. I have seen some images of these trees here and there but I haven’t found a source on how to actually make it so I went ahead and did it my way. If you have this activity on your blog or know of someone who has previously posted this activity  -please mention in the comments!
TP roll tree
For this activity you will need a TP roll, a piece of construction paper cut in a shape of the tree top, some paints (you can use crayons, pencils or markers if you like).
Here’s how to make it:
On TP roll make small cuts where you would insert the tree top.
Insert the tree top.
Using small paint brush and colors, place many colorful dots on the tree top. You can also pain shapes of leaves, flowers and fruit if you like.
Decorate the TP roll aka tree body.
Let is dry. It makes a lovely decoration and you can create a whole forest for a play later!
I hope you enjoy making this activity with your children!
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