Creative Tuesday: Yet Another Paper Flower

I’ll admit it: I LOVE flowers. However, I can’t have most of them in the house due to my pollen allergies. And especially flower pots. So I admire them from afar and… I craft them.

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Today’s Creative Tuesday is about yet another flower we made with my last year’s toddler play group. It is super easy and helps develop fine motor skills, review colors and shapes.
What you need:
Few circles of different colors
A stem – simply cut one from green paper
2 leaves – any shape, cut out from green paper
A white sheet of paper, or – my favorite – upcycled paper
(in fact, making the whole thing from upcycled paper would be even more fun!)
How to make it:
First, glue the stem and the leaves on the paper.

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Then, let the children fold the circles into halves.
Apply glue on just one side of each circle and arrange them above the stem in semi-circle.

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VoilĂ ! Your flower is ready!
You can either just use it to decorate the wall or even use it as a cover for a birthday card.
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