Crepe paper art

I am a big fan of all sorts of tear-and-glue art. One of my first posts is about torn paper art.
This time I will talk about scrap paper. There are so many things one can make out of it. Today I will introduce a simple way for you and your child to work with it. This activity is suitable for children from 1 year old up. It helps the child practice fine motor skills and it is tons of fun!

You will need: a piece or few of scrap paper, large sheet of regular paper, a plastic bowl, a brush and glue. If you are using  a glue stick then you don’t need to use the brush.

1. Show your child how to tear the scarp paper into strips. Tear for as long as your child is interested or until you finish all the paper. Don’t make the strips too wide: the thinner – the better.

2. Show your child how to roll the strips of paper into balls using your pointer, your middle finger and your thumb. If the child is young, show how to roll the paper using his palms. Put the paper balls into the bowl.

3. Take the glue and generously apply on the regular paper all over.

4. Take the balls one by one and stick them all over the paper until you run out of them.

5. Your art is ready! Variations: draw some shapes on your regular paper or cut out the shapes (we also did this art with heart-shaped paper) and enjoy the fun! If you want to make sure the art stays, you can stick contact paper on top!

This would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day!  You can personalize it by writing a wish and signing the name on the other side of the heart.

Have fun and thank you for reading my blog!

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