DIY Hand print Christmas Tree

This is one of the most popular Christmas Crafts. First time I saw it on Enchanted Learning Website . I won’t be posting any tutorial for you here as you can just follow the link and improvise yourself. Since then I’ve seen it on various blogs and sites – moms and educators have made it in different shapes, with finger paint, from crepe paper, construction paper, from fleece and other types of fabric. I’ve even seen this Hand print Christmas Tree Skirt from Passionate Penny Pincher.

I always wondered whoever came up with it first. Any ideas?

We don’t celebrate Christmas, as I mentioned in another post. But Christmas crafts are actually really fun and they are a great way to encourage creativity, create an opportunity for messy play and develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Here is a tree my 4 year old made. I helped her trace and cut out the prints:

And here are the trees moms and children in my daycare made. They decorated them with stickers!

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