Edible Yogurt Lassi Dough


It is February and I am back to your with a Sensory dough post!

This month we are working with edible dough and I came up with a Yogurt Lassi Dough!

We had fun making it, drinking Lassi and exploring the texture of the dough. Due to its soft and consitency, with a texture brought by oatmeal, this dough is great for a real sensory experience!


1 cup of unscented yogurt (or a 200ml box)
1/2 cup of milk
For flavour (optional) 2 mangoes
2 cups of ground oatmeal (we used an instant ones)


Start by making Yogurt Lassi: blend together yogurt, milk and, if using, mangoes. Have a taste!


Pour your Lassi into a bowl. Slowly add ground oatmeal. Mix it. See if you need more or less.

Let the experience begin!


Miss T enjoyed the sensory experience of the dough’s texture. She make a grimace or two but overall she actually giggled while scooping it with her hands.

We also used a spoon and a ladle to check how it can form.


Finally, to avoid wasting all the precious ingredients, we decided to place the dough into the cupcake tray and bake if to see what happens.

The result? Yummy oatmeal Lassi crumble! Mini Man especially enjoyed eating it and kept asking for more!

Join us over at Lemon Lime Adventures for another year of Sensory Dough!

February brought us the following edible dough:

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