Egg carton flower

One last project we did in 2012 was Egg Carton Flower. We got the inspiration from Glittering Muffins’ Egg Carton Christmas Tree Ornament.

At first I was determined to make a Christmas tree. But Christmas was over and it didn’t really make sense to make the actual activity. I still really wanted to make something with egg cartons as they’ve been waiting to be used for a long time!

So first I cut them up into separate pieces and asked my daughter to paint them any colours she felt like using. We talked about painting them inside and outside. She insisted on doing the activity by herself as she loves painting . When she was done, I realised she only painted them inside. When I asked her why, she told me she would like to use them that.

That’s when I got the idea to make sort of a flower out of the cartons. I nipped the pieces to make petals, grabbed a straw, paper plate and some playdough. My daughter arranged the playdough on the plate, making a base for the flower. We then stuck the straw in the middle, made holes in the egg carton pieces and put them on the straw. Voila!

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