Please read the following points in order to have a better understanding of how my blog and blogging work!

1. What is your blog about?

– My blog is about encouraging creativity in children. I write about arts and crafts I do with my children and my students. I also write about parenting, pregnancy, early childhood development, fitness for moms and babies, spirituality,¬†multiculturalism, cooking with and for children and everything else that is related to family, education and child’s upbringing.

2. Do you accept guest posts?

– Yes. I accept guest posts from fellow kid bloggers and people I know who don’t have a blog but want to share their wisdom related to the topics above. I leave it at my own discretion whether the post is suitable or not. I currently run 4 series: Paper Cup (anything made from paper cups) (27th of every month), Cooking (28th of every month), Virtue Wednesday and Creative Tuesday. I welcome guest posts for these series and anything related to the topics above. You can send me your posts

3. What are the guidelines for the guest posts?

– There are no particular guidelines. I would suggest for better SEO to have an article with at least 200-300 words (or more), at least 1 clear picture (credit goes to you and it is needed for pinning on Pinterest and posting on Sulia), you blog link and few words about who you are.

4. Would you be interested in doing a product review?

РYes, if the product is relevant to the topics I write about. However, I will be very honest in my opinion and I will write what I think, not what you would want me to think.  For more information, please e-mail to xiao.artists@gmail.com Keep in mind, I currently reside in China.

If you have any more questions, please e-mail me to xiao.artists@gmail.com

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