Fire Safety For Kids: Fire Safety Theme Park


Fire Prevention Week is normally celebrated in the US to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire which took place in 1871.
This year its commemoration falls on the week of October 5th through October 11th. While we are not American nor reside in the US, this event is a great opportunity to talk about fire safety with children. Few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network have joined forces together to create the link up at the bottom of this post and raise awareness in families on fire safety.


In China it is common to have fire drills from time to time: children in kindergartens and schools are given an alarm and they are taught how to exit the buildings in timely manner, covering their noses and mouths. And teachers are instructed on how to organize the children. Mind it, kindergarten and public schools classes are large: anywhere from 20 to 50 children in one class. So in case of a real fire both children and teachers have to be organized well in order to avoid panic and stampede.

The area where we moved to several months ago has a large so-called Commercial street: it consists of a number shops, restaurants, salons and supermarkets. Along those, there are trees, bushes and benches, beautifully organized. Recently the local Fire Department has set up Fire Theme Park along this walking street to raise more awareness on fire safety as the area where we reside is pretty large, with couple hundred of buildings, few schools and preschools around. It is also full of trees and grass and since in China there are many people who smoke and often don’t put out the cigarettes before throwing it on the ground, in such areas it is VERY easy to start a fire.

Here are some images I took of the signs posted around.

There are also benches that have embedded emergency number for the local fire department.


And they have replaced most of the trash cans with these creative ones.

Fire kills hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year. Teach your children about fire safety with these simple tips:

1. When leaving the house, always check if all electrical appliances are off.
2. Don’t leave flammable items (paper, books, wood, clothes and others) near the sources of fire (such as, stoves, fire places and others).
3. Don’t play with or leave unattended sources of fire (matchsticks, candles, lighters, gas stoves, gas heaters).
I am sure you can add more to this list!
Wishing you a life where fire is only there to warm your homes and assist with your daily needs.
Please link up your posts on fire safety below!

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