Five ways to show love to mommy

There are no words to describe when you see your child for the first time, hold that tiny bundle of love, inhale the baby smell… And when they grow, they make you jump from joy with their firsts: first smile, first time rolling over, first time walking, first words…

Miss T, our older daughter, is quite a versatile 4 year old. She has an amazing sense of logic and she comes up with the most adorable ideas which often are hard to argue!

The other day my husband asked miss T to tell us about the five ways she would show her love to mommy. 

Here’s what she came up with:

1. Say “I love you” in different languages.

2. Give a hug.

3. Share food and snack.

4. Listen and obey.

5. Help around the house.

Isn’t it just nice when your child actually takes time to think how he/she can appreciate you and show you love?

What are the five ways for your child to show you love? I’d like to read about it!

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2 thoughts on “Five ways to show love to mommy

  1. I finally got your comment field to work! This is such a sweet post, and your daughter definitely knows how to show that she loves her mother!

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