Top 10 Holiday Lists: Games and Puzzles On Our Shelf

I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !


Top Ten Holiday Lists

Last week we visited Games and Puzzles and I am here to introduce you (a bit late) the games and puzzles from our shelf.

1. Chess. We bought this lovely Glass Chess Set at Toys’R’Us few years ago and our now 5 year old has been playing it with daddy for a year now.



2. Who doesn’t love Monopoly? Even though the age is set from 8+ we introduced it to miss T when she was 4+ and she absolutely loves it! We have to help her of course but nevertheless it is a fun game.




3. Ludo! I don’t really have to say anything. Just watch out for small objects! It is a great way to teach children simple counting and review numbers.






4. Miss T loved playing Master Mind since she was barely 3 years old. I love how this game helps developing thinking and mathematically challenges children!




5. My Fruit Tree is sort of a puzzle that helps children practice fine motor skills. You have to attach fruit to the tree by using a thread and pulling it through the holes in the tree and fruit.



6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle! It is easy and it is fun! I use it with my children, I use it in my classes.





7. Double-sided Puzzle. One side is colorful, the other one is not. You use crayons to color the other side and then they come off with a wet wipe or a special cloth and can be reused over and over again.



8. UNO! As you can see, our sets have seen better times! It is a brilliant game and people of all ages love playing it.




9. Boggle. Even though miss T still can’t spell well, she just enjoys sitting along side with us and making words. We help her, of course. Excellent way to teach and practice spelling!



10. Gymnast’s ribbon. This is not exactly a puzzle or a game but it is a fun tool to play with and we have tons of fun playing together with both girls!

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