Play Around the World: Gymnastics Ribbon Fun

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We don’t play any traditional games in our household. We do play board games, such as Monopoly, Ludo, Mastermind, Boggle and Scrabble. When we go out, we try to enjoy the most out of it.

Our favorite places to go to are various parks that we have in Zhuhai. We take frisbee with us or a ball and we just enjoy the nature.

Few weeks ago we travelled to Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong province, China, where we are residing). And our friends took us to a park there. What fascinated us was the number of gymnastic ribbon wands being played with! When I was a child, I was mesmerized by the Olympic gymnasts who did wonders with those wands. But they weren’t easily available so I used to find a stick and tie a regular ribbon to it, pretending I was a gymnast. I even tried to join the gymnastics at some point of time but was turned down because I was… too tall!


So seeing all those ribbons brought so many warm memories to me. And miss T was excited to see those so we got one for her!

I think both of us played good 30 minutes, twirling the ribbon around in various shapes. So much fun!

And I could see everyone from children to adults enjoying as much as we did.

I can’t call it a traditional game, but it is definitely something adored by Chinese population in Guangzhou and I am so happy we got to play with the ribbon wand! Even the baby was mesmerized by it and giggled loud when big sister was running around her with the ribbon.


What are some games you play with your children? Any traditional games from your childhood? Share in the comments and if you have a blog – post the link!

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3 thoughts on “Play Around the World: Gymnastics Ribbon Fun

  1. What fun! I remember being mesmerized by the gymnasts when I was little, too! They were so graceful. That must have been so much fun to play with the ribbons with the girls. I am sure I would have been rejected for being too tall as well!

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