How to Talk to Kids About Martin Luther King, Jr


Photo Credit: National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian Mag

As people in the United States are getting ready to celebrate MLK Day, the rest of the world might wonder what it has to do with us.

What does it have to do with me, a woman from Russia, and my children who are born and raised in China?

What does it have to do with my Caucasian husband who grew up in Tanzania as “mzungu” (white person in Swahili)?

Why should any of us commemorate what seems to be “yet another American holiday”?

Well, a lot! And I made it my goal to take time and introduce my oldest, who is now over 7 years old, to this special person and his important work.

And to answer the questions above which I know my daughter may ask:

– Martin Luther King, Jr, did not only make a huge impact and the beginning of a radical change to the attitude and relationships between white and black people of America.

– His work, his words, his life have made impact on all of us around the world.

– He brought about to the West the concept of non-violent protests.

– He was aiming at equality between races, and nations.

– He is one of the reasons why we are so lucky to be in a very multicultural and multiracial environment here in expats communities abroad.

– He is one of the reasons why civil rights of people of color around the world have been promoted. Why anyone has a right for vote, the right for voice.

And so, these are the things I will continue telling my children. I will continue letting them know that once you have a dream, a vision, that will help you become a better person and make others change for the better, this dream will come true. You just need to be persistent, determined and love the world.


This post is a part of MLK Day series organized by Multicultural Kid Blogs Community. Please visit and join us in commemorating a people’s hero and his work!

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